Ishanavarman II

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Ishanavarman II
SuccessorJayavarman IV
FatherYasovarman I
MotherSister of Jayavarman IV
Prasat Kravan is a temple built during the reign of Ishanavarman.

Ishanavarman II (Khmer: ឦសានវរ្ម័នទី២) was an Angkorian king who is believed to have ruled from 923 to 928. His empire may have been confined to Angkor and the area around Battambang to the west.[1]


Ishanavarman was a son of King Yasovarman and his wife, who was a sister of Jayavarman IV.[2]

Grandparents of Ishanavarman were Indravarman I and his wife Indradevi.[3][4][5]

Ishanavarman had an elder brother, Harshavarman I.


Ishanavarman succeeded his dead brother in 923. The period of his reign may have been very tumultuous and chaotic.

In 921, his uncle, Jayavarman IV, had already set up a rival city about 100 km north-east of Angkor.

During Ishanavarman’s reign, a temple called Prasat Kravan was built.

Nothing else is known about Ishanavarman II. He died in 928 and received a posthumous name of Paramarudraloka.[6]:114


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Harshavarman I
King of Cambodia
Succeeded by
Jayavarman IV