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Ishi Giant, is a giant sequoia in California, United States. It is located in Kennedy Grove, which is part of a group of eight closely spaced giant sequoia groves situated in Sequoia National Forest in the Sierra Nevada in eastern central California.

Ishi Giant was only found in the 1990s, which shows that there may be more supergiant sequoias yet to be discovered. The Ishi Giant has a ground perimeter of 105.1 feet (32.0 m), one of the largest of all sequoias. This tree has a massive base, a rival to the famous General Sherman tree. The tree is badly burnt and stands at a height of 255.0 feet (77.7 m).

It has a volume of 1,110 cubic meters which ranks it as the 13th largest giant sequoia on earth and 15th largest tree of all (due to the fact a coast redwood named Lost Monarch is larger, with a volume of 1,203 cubic meters).

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