Ishikari Mountains

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This article is about the Ishikari Mountains in the wider sense. For the narrower sense, see Central Ishikari Mountains.
Ishikari Mountains
ishikari or ishokarappet
Highest point
Peak Mount Asahi
Elevation 2,290 m (7,510 ft)
Native name 石狩山地 Ishikari Sanchi
Country Japan
State Hokkaidō
Biome alpine climate
Orogeny island arc
Age of rock Quaternary
Type of rock volcanic

The Ishikari Mountains (石狩山地 Ishikari Sanchi?) is a range of volcanic mountains in central Hokkaidō, Japan. The mountain range is made up from the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group and the Tomuraushi Volcanic Group. The volcanoes are part of the Kurile arc of the Pacific ring of fire.