Ishiura Masakatsu

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Ishiura Masakatsu
石浦 将勝
Ishiura 2015 March.JPG
Personal information
Born Masakatsu Ishiura
(1990-01-10) January 10, 1990 (age 28)
Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Height 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)
Weight 117 kg (258 lb)
Stable Miyagino
University Nihon University
Current rank see below
Debut January, 2013
Highest rank Maegashira 8 (July, 2017)
Championships 1 (Jonidan)
1 (Jonokuchi)
Special Prizes Fighting Spirit (1)
* Up to date as of September 7, 2018.

Ishiura Masakatsu (石浦 将勝) (born January 10, 1990 in Tottori Prefecture, Japan), is a professional sumo wrestler. He debuted in sumo wrestling on January 2013 and made his makuuchi debut in November 2016. His highest rank has been maegashira 8, and he has one special prize for Fighting Spirit. He wrestles for Miyagino stable.


Ishiura was born in Tottori, the principal city of Tottori Prefecture, which is the most sparsely-populated prefecture in Japan. He studied at Nihon University. He nearly gave up sumo and even moved to Australia for a brief period, but decided to return to Japan and try professional sumo after being inspired by the success of some of his friends from his amateur days.[1] As of 2016 he still wrestles under his real name and is yet to adopt a formal shikona or ring-name. Ishiura is of unusually small stature for a sumo wrestler: when he made his makuuchi debut he was officially 18 kg (40 lb) lighter than any other competitor in the division. At 116 kg (256 lb) he is still the lightest man in the top division as of July 2018.[2] (Although not the lightest sekitori, as he is listed as 1 kg heavier than Terutsuyoshi of the jūryō division.[3])

He has also been known for his contributions on social media, posting video clips on Twitter of his fellow wrestlers playing arcade games[4] and competing in sprint races.[5]

He is sponsored by McLaren Automotive, and on his 27th birthday he arrived at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan in a sports car that they provided for him.[6]


Ishiura joined the Miyagino stable and entered professional sumo in 2013 at the relatively advanced age of 23. He made an immediate impact, winning the jonokuchi division in March and the jonidan division in May with unblemished 7-0 records and earning a third straight promotion with six wins at sandanme in July. As he worked his way up the ranks he served as a tsukebito or personal attendant to yokozuna Hakuhō. He spent the next nine tournaments in the third makushita division before earning another promotion with a 6–1 record in January 2015. In the second division (jūryō) he proved himself a consistent performer, recording seven winning records (kachi-koshi) in ten tournaments and clinching yet another promotion with nine wins in September 2016.

Ishiura made his makuuchi debut in November, 2016 debuting at East Maegashira 15. After losing on the first day of the tournament to Chiyotairyu Ishiura won the next ten days straight putting him on the leader board for a while. However, on day 12 Ishiura suffered his second loss to Ikioi and then continued to lose for the rest of the tournament finishing off with a 10–5 record which was enough to win him his first special prize, for Fighting Spirit. In his debut tournament he was able to get ten straight victories, double digit wins, and his first special prize. His ten wins equaled the performance of Shōdai in January 2016 and was otherwise the best by a top-division debutante since Ichinojo's thirteen wins in September 2014. In the January 2017 tournament Ishiura at Maegashira 9 was only able to secure a 6–9 record. The March 2017 tournament saw him at maegashira 11, and he had mixed results. On the final day his record was 7–7, however he was unable to get the win against Takarafuji and end the tournament with a losing record of 7–8. He won only three bouts at maegashira 10 in the September 2017 tournament and was demoted back to the jūryō division, but an 8–7 record at the rank of West Jūryō 1 in November was sufficient to return him to makuuchi.

Fighting style[edit]

Ishiura favours a right hand inside, left hand outside grip on his opponent's mawashi or belt. His favourite kimarite or winning technique is shitatenage, the underarm throw.

Personal life[edit]

Ishiura announced in May 2017 that he had married a nursery school teacher in April after a four year relationship. The wedding ceremony was held in October 2017 with his stablemate Hakuhō among the 500 guests.[7] Their first child was born in May 2018.[8]

Career record[edit]

Ishiura Masakatsu[9]
Year in sumo January
Hatsu basho, Tokyo
Haru basho, Osaka
Natsu basho, Tokyo
Nagoya basho, Nagoya
Aki basho, Tokyo
Kyūshū basho, Fukuoka
2013 (Maezumo) West Jonokuchi #6

West Jonidan #8

West Sandanme #17
East Makushita #41
West Makushita #25
2014 West Makushita #11
East Makushita #5
West Makushita #2
East Makushita #11
West Makushita #6
East Makushita #10
2015 West Makushita #6
East Jūryō #14
East Jūryō #11
East Jūryō #9
East Jūryō #12
East Jūryō #10
2016 East Jūryō #10
West Jūryō #8
East Jūryō #6
East Jūryō #5
East Jūryō #6
East Maegashira #15
2017 West Maegashira #9
West Maegashira #11
West Maegashira #11
West Maegashira #8
East Maegashira #10
West Jūryō #1
2018 East Maegashira #15
East Maegashira #12
East Maegashira #13
East Maegashira #15
West Maegashira #16

Record given as win-loss-absent    Top Division Champion Top Division Runner-up Retired Lower Divisions

Sanshō key: F=Fighting spirit; O=Outstanding performance; T=Technique     Also shown: =Kinboshi(s); P=Playoff(s)
Divisions: MakuuchiJūryōMakushitaSandanmeJonidanJonokuchi

Makuuchi ranks: YokozunaŌzekiSekiwakeKomusubiMaegashira

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