Ishkashim District

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Ishkashim ولسوالی اشکاشکم
Afghanistan Badakhshan Ishkashim district location.PNG
Coordinates: 36°44′N 71°31′E / 36.733°N 71.517°E / 36.733; 71.517Coordinates: 36°44′N 71°31′E / 36.733°N 71.517°E / 36.733; 71.517
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceBadakhshan Province
8,500 ft (2,600 m)
 • Total11,000
Time zone+4.30
 • Summer (DST)+4.30

Ishkashim District is one of the 28 districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. The capital is the city of Ishkashim (also: Eshkashem, Ashkāsham; Pashto: اشکاشم). The people of the region are called Tajiks and some of them speak the Ishkashimi language. The total population of the district is approximately 11,000 residents.

Ishkashim District lies along the international border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, where there is a settlement with the same name: Ishkoshim.[1]


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