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Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is an online guide to electronic music created by Kenneth John Taylor, aka Ishkur.[1] It covers over 100 subgenres, such as terrorcore and chemical breakbeat, diagrammed in a flowchart style.[1] The guide was originally posted in 1999 and continually updated until 2001.[2] The site consists of 153 subgenres and 818 sound files.[3]

On December 11, 2016, Ishkur announced that a new version of the guide would be released in 2017 on Twitter.[4] About a year later, Ishkur tweeted the project had been delayed shortly, and that the finished product was coming "soon".[5][better source needed]


CMJ New Music Monthly praised the website for its "...ease of navigation, pithy genre descriptions, and fairly accurate audio accompaniment..."[1] Oliver Hurley of The Guardian referred to the site as an "epic online endeavour", but pointed that several of the genres were made up by Ishkur, such as "Buttrock Goa".[3]

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