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Military governor of Mari
Ishtup-Ilum Shakkanakku of Mari, son of Ishma-Dagan, Shakkanakku of Mari.jpg
Tablet of Ishtup-Ilum mentioning his father Ishma-Dagan. Obverse: "Ishtup-Ilum Shakkanakku of Mari, son of Ishma-Dagan, Shakkanakku". Reverse (hidden from view): "of Mari, the Temple of the King of the Country has built". Louvre Museum[1]
Reignc.2200 BCE
DynastyShakkanakku dynasty
Mari is located in Near East
Location of Mari, where Ishtup-Ilum ruled.

Ishma-Dagan (𒅖𒈣𒀭𒁕𒃶, Ish-ma-Dda-gan, c. 2190-2146 BCE) was a ruler of the city of Mari, one of the military governors known as Shakkanakku in northern Mesopotamia, in the later period of the Akkadian Empire.[2] According to the dynastic lists, he ruled for 45 years, after Shu-Dagan, and was the third Shakkanakku ruler.[3] Ishma-Dagan was probably contemporary with the Akkadian Empire ruler Shar-Kali-Sharri.[4] He had two sons who succeeded him in turn as Shakkanakkus of Mari: Nûr-Mêr and Ishtup-Ilum.[3]

He is also known from inscriptions by his son Ishtup-Ilum mentioning his father, in dedication tablets for the building of a temple:[2]

"Ishtup-Ilum, Shakkanakku of Mari, son of Ishma-Dagan, Shakkanakku of Mari, built the Temple for the "King of the country"

Ishma-Dagan Mari
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shakkanakku of Mari
c.2200 BCE
Succeeded by


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