Ishq Mein Marjawan

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Ishq Mein Marjawan
Ishq Mein Marjawan.jpg
GenreRomantic thriller
Created byYash A Patnaik
Developed byYash A Patnaik
Screenplay bySameer Siddiqui
Story byMamta Yash Patnaik
Directed byKushal Zaveri
Akhilesh Bhagat
Creative director(s)Sonal Kakkad
Theme music composerToshi-Sharib
Opening themeIshq Mein Marjawan
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes325 as of 20 November 2018
Producer(s)Yash A Patnaik
Mamta Patnaik
CinematographyJenil Patel
Editor(s)Kshitija Khandagle
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Beyond Dreams Entertainment
Inspire Films Private Limited
DistributorViacom 18
Original networkColors TV
Picture format720i
HDTV 1080i
Original release20 September 2017 (2017-09-20) – Present
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Ishq Mein Marjawan (English: I Will Die In This Love) is an Indian television series that airs on Colors TV.[1] The show premiered on 20 September 2017. It is dubbed in Tamil as Kanmani on Polimer TV on 19 November 2018. [2] It is produced by Yash A Patnaik under Beyond Dreams Entertainment and written by Mamta Patnaik. It stars Arjun Bijlani, Aalisha Panwar Mahesh, Shweta. "Arjun Bijlani returns with new show Ishq Mein Mar Jawan with newcomer Aalisha Panwar - Watch the first look of the thriller". Retrieved 2017-09-04.</ref>


The story begins with a mysterious woman killing a lady who was cheating on her partner. Later it is revealed that the murders are alike to the ones happening in series in Shimla and the serial killer is Tara Raichand. Aarohi lives with her brother Aniket and sister in law and their son Niku. Deep Raichand, a filthy rich man sees Aarohi somewhere and falls in love with her but Aarohi loves a man named Vishal. Deep plans to get them both married, but Vishal doesn't turn up at the last minute and is later revealed dead. Deep marries Aarohi. On the same night it is revealed that Aarohi's lookalike Tara Raichand is the serial killer and Deep has married Aarohi to make her the killer. Unknowingly Aarohi falls in love with Deep. Laksya, the inspector investigating on this case suspects Aarohi. Tara on the other hand suspects that Deep is falling in love with Aarohi which is actually true but he refuses it in front of Tara. In order to make Aarohi fall more in love with him, he gets tried to get intimate with her which Tara sees and fumes. Deep some how manages to calm her down. After few twists and turns Aarohi and Tara face each other. Tara warns Aarohi to stay away from Deep. Later Tara plans to kill Aarohi. While escaping Aarohi sees Deep and Tara confessing their love. Aarohi is very heartbroken and wants to take revenge. Deep also finds out that Aarohi knows his truth. Deep and his fake family torture and harass Aarohi very badly. They ask her to give them the memory card which has their conversation recorded. She refuses and escapes to her bhabhi ‘s house and on the other hand Deep is arrested for domestic violence but gets released the very next day. His gang hosts a new year party to which Aarohi is also invited. She attends and gets the memory card and escapes. Deep and his gang follow her. After a chase, Deep destroys the memory card and Aarohi is sentenced to 15 years of jail where she is tortured by the jailer Durga and other people.

After 2 years[edit]

Aarohi finally fights back which impresses other people. She then gets released out of jail after a drama. She finds out that Deep has shifted to Mumbai and that his real name is Deep Raj Singh. There she gangs up with some slum kids who help her in her quest to destroy Deep. She goes to Deep's house to open up more secrets. She goes there in the disguise of a maid. Firstly, Maya who pretended to be Deep's mother is Tara's aunt. Prithvi is his manager. And Sunanda who was portrayed dead in an effort to save Aarohi is still alive and that she was only acting. Actually she is 'Roma', Tara's mother. In the beginning Deep was an orphan until Tara fell in love with him and Tara's family realized that only Deep can control her and stop her from killing people. Roma treats Deep like her own son. Arohi planned to take revenge from Deep and his partners. Deep Raichand arranged a business party to get a contract to make money and raise power. But it fails as the contract paper is torn after seeing Tara slapping business partner's daughter when she saw her flirting with Deep. In series of event, Arohi in disguise of maid started to take revenge. She blackmailed and threatened Tara in phone. She wrote on the mirror and wall "khuni" (killer) then burst ballons of blood. All these made Tara frightened and started shouting. The family thought their Doctor uncle is not treating her well. So they turned him away from their family. In the meantime, Doctor uncle through other maid suspected that the maid Keshri is behind all these events and he discovers that Keshri is Aarohi, after that Aarohi killed him but Tara suspects that Keshri is killed the doctor and Tara follows Keshri when she is going her home and she reaches her home after that Keshri reveals the truth to Tara that she is Aarohi and she locks Tara in a room. Arohi tries to find more about what happened with her sister-in-law and her nephew Niku which led her to Tara's brother Virat who knows about them. In order to know more about Virat, Arohi starts to throw tantrums at Tara to go to Manali where she finds out about Inspector Laksh, who is not only alive, but he is Virat, who helped to frame Arohi. Meanwhile, in Mumbai a ghost figure scares Maya, Chowanni and Bindiya. In Manali, Virat reveals that he handed over Arohi's bhabhi and Niku to Deep, after which Deep confess to kill both of them and throwing them over a cliff. Learning about her bhabhi and Nikku's death Arohi breaks down and sought vengeance by planning to throwing Deep from the same cliff. Later, Virat insults Deep, which makes him disheartened and Deep tells Tara (Arohi) to kill him if it gives her peace. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman Kalyani who has helped Aarohi in the jail starts to scare Roma in the Raichand mansion. Aarohi in the disguise of Tara and Kesari save her a lot of time to escape from the clutches of Deep and Virat but in the shocking turn of events while saving Kalyani, it is revealed to everyone the Kesari is helping Kalyani in escaping their trap. Meanwhile, Maya gets suspicious over Aarohi that she is not Tara but Aarohi and even Kesari is also Aarohi but nobody believes her and throws her out of the house when Aarohi reveals to everyone that Maya has an affair with Prithvi and she has no respect for Roma with the help of a video which she has recorded. But Maya, as a part of her revenge to expose Aarohi (Tara) records her video when she was having a conversation with Kalyani but Maya's plan comes to a tragic end when she gets run over by a truck after being chased by Aarohi. But Deep gets successful in killing Kalyani. Aarohi lies to the family about being pregnant and she has a shocking discovery when she finds Niku alive. There enters a new girl Vedika who is the illegitimate child of Roma and Prithvi. Arohi decides to use Vedika as her pawn to humiliate Roma in front of world, however in the turn of events Roma kills Vedika. But Aarohi's game does not end there, she found out that her bhabhi is alive and in London so, she tries to manipulate Deep saying that he feels for Aarohi and uncovers a lie to Deep that Tara (Aarohi) was never pregnant. Deep takes Aarohi to London thinking her to be Tara for a holiday but there comes a new twist when Tara makes her entry to London. Aarohi makes several unsuccessful tries to kill Deep and then she finally kills Deep. Abandoning Tara in London she came back to India to live a happy life with Nikku, her bhabhi and Chawwani. But as a shock, she discovers that Nikku is killed by Virat and found out that Deep truly loves her and had always protected her from Raichands and was doing all that because he wants to know his past which only Roma knows. But Deep returns as he was not killed but only injured. Tara also comes back to India. But now Deep knows that the girl in the Raichand house is Aarohi not Tara. But he remains silent because he loves Aarohi. Proving Aarohi as Tara in everyone's eyes Deep makes the police arrest Tara because in police eyes Aarohi is serial killer. By the time, a new guy Danny Manchandani enters their life who protects Aarohi everytime but in real he was with Tara in her game. Tara breaking out from jail makes her come back and plots murder on her birthday but Deep managed everything as Danny tells him everything because he was with Tara on Deep's order so that Deep can know Tara's each move. Police again arrests Tara. But now Deep starts to have glimpses of his past. Roma gets to know that the girl in jail is not Aarohi but her daughter Tara so she plays her mastercard and abandons Deep and asks Aarohi to free Tara from jail. As a shocking event Prithvi gets killed by an accident while saving Tara from Aarohi who was taking Tara to Deep on a gunpoint so that she can free Deep from Raichands. Deep and Aarohi together captures Raichands but on a shocking note, Dilip Singh comes there on his own and revealed that he was never paralyzed but was acting to save himself from Tara but in real he was also with Raichands and saves them from police. Aarohi and Deep come back to Raichand house with Danny and Chawwani. But Deep discovers that Danny loves Aarohi so he decides to marry Aarohi to make him jealous. Tara kills Aarohi's sister-in-law. On the other hand, it is revealed that Tara has planted a device in Danny 's dressing of a wound through Doctor's help. Deep misunderstands Danny thinking him to be the pawn of Tara and throws him out of the house. But Danny discovers the whole truth and also discovers truth about Deep's past that Deep's mother was not killed by Deep but by someone else. He gets killed by Roma when he is about to tell the truth to Deep. In a series of events, Roma gets killed by Tara accidentally when she is about to kill Aarohi. Police arrests Virat, Tara and Dilip Singh. Now, Deep and Aarohi decide to marry each other. But Tara came back.

3 months later[edit]

Now Aarohi is in an unknown location and does not know what happened. She goes back to Deep's house, but sees Deep and Tara together. She tries to convince Deep that she is Aarohi and the woman that is with him is Tara, but Deep is not convinced. When Aarohi looks at herself in the mirror, she sees another face and wonders how her face has changed. She assumes Tara has done it and tries to get the truth from her. Deep sees this and sends her to a mental asylum. While in the mental asylum, she finds out that she is three months pregnant with Deep's child and tries to inform Deep. She eventually escapes from the asylum with help from one of the patients. Deep gets a phone call from the asylum, informing him of her escape. But instead of going to the mental asylum, Deep goes to a hospital. At the hospital, Aarohi sees the doctor that changed her face and demands him for more information, but he refuses and sends her out. She disguises herself as a nurse to find more information. While the doctor tries to burn all the information that mentions Aarohi, Aarohi manages to get one file that can help her. At the same time, Deep comes to the doctor and yells at him due to his lack of work ethic. Deeps says that he gave him 10 crores to change Aarohi's face and send her out of India's borders. Hearing this confession, Aarohi gets confused as to why Deep would try to hurt her. It is also shown that Tara does not understand why some random woman is calling herself Aarohi, showing that Tara has nothing to do with the situation. Now Aarohi discovers that the woman whose face is given to her is Anjali (Virat's girlfriend). Anjali is very rich but she was killed in an accident. Virat returns from jail and assuming Aarohi to be Anjali lives with her. While on the other hand, Tara shows her real avatar by injuring a woman with knife who was pretending to be Aarohi's mother on their orders but was spying on Tara. Chawwani sees all this and Deep seeing all this decides to kill him but got saved by Aarohi. Aarohi keeps Chawwani in a lodge. Deep sends her goons to kidnap Arohi, but before they could catch her some other group kidnaps her thinking that she is Anjali. However, Deep rescued her and take her to the locker where Anjali Sharma kept crores of money but all the money was already withdrawn by Arohi.Then Deep can be seen in gun point by Arohi. Deep escapes, but Tara sees all this and tries to attack Arohi without knowing who she is. Virat finds Anjali (Aarohi) is 3 months pregnant. Virat proposes Anjali for marriage. Anjali (Aarohi) accepts the proposal in one condition that they should move to Raichand mansion. They shift to Raichand Mansion. Tara who is living as Arohi asks Anjali why she called herself Arohi. Anjali replies her that she suspected you as Tara not Arohi, and just wanted to reveal the truth but now she believes you are Arohi. Virat declares their marriage will be in Raichand House. But Deep knows the truth behind Anjali that she is actually Arohi but remain silent.Aarohi discovers that Anjali survived of the accident but she is in comma.Virat discovers that Tara is alive and living in Raichand mansion in disguise of Aarohi. Tara and Virat joins hand as they suspect their partners are cheating over them.But soon Tara discovers that Anjali is in fact Aarohi with a new face. Virat and Tara make many unsuccessful attempts to kill her. Story takes a U turn when Aarohi discovers that her parents are alive and not dead during any accident before 6 years but they are captivated by Malik because he wants to get all the gold from a locker whose password only Aarohi's father knows. Aarohi's father worked in Vasundhara devi company (Company of Deep's mother). It is also revealed that Deep's mother is also alive and now kidnapped by Aarohi.Now Deep, Tara and Virat wants to get that all gold and they are working on Malik's orders. Malik orders Tara to get password from Aarohi's father in attire of Aarohi as they don't know that Aarohi has a new face now. Aarohi's mother tells password to Tara thinking her to be Aarohi. But still Aarohi 's new face (Anjali's face) is needed to unlock locker. Malik was revealed to be none other than Virat. He orders to kill Aarohi's parents as they are of no use now.But Deep saves them and asks about his mother from Aarohi in return of them.But Tara and Virat kidnaps Deep's mother from Aarohi.Deep finds out that Aarohi is pregnant and want to live with her now and tells her that all what he has done is to save her from Tara.But things take ugly turn when Aarohi, Tara and Virat discovers that Deep is fooling them all. Tara and Aarohi shots Deep. But Deep came back alive and Deep's death sequence was revealed to be a part of Deep and Aarohi's plan.Tara gets mad as she thinks Deep to be dead. But soon she discovers that Deep is alive and vows to kill Aarohi within 24 hrs else she will kill herself. Tara and Virat make unsuccessful attempts to kill Aarohi. Deep asks Kashayp and Surekha (Deep's wellwishers) to save Aarohi from Tara till her delivery as he only wants his baby and not Aarohi.Aarohi breaks down on discovering this whole truth. She tries to escape from there. Deep tries to stop her and calls her to meet a last time to let him give his explanation of all his planning.But Tara and Virat reaches there. Virat and Tara manipulate the situation such that Deep and Aarohi have an argument. Deep wants to reveal his true identity, but Aarohi refuses to listen. During the argument, Deep pushes Aarohi, who falls off the cliff. Deep is shocked and cries his heart out as he realizes that he has lost Aarohi and his child. While Kashyap saves Deep from taking any devastating step.Meanwhile, Virat and Tara enjoy their victory, as they executed the plan in such a way that even if Aarohi is alive she will think that Deep has killed her and will hate Deep. Aarohi is saved by a man called Abhimanyu. However, she has lost her baby. She is shattered after hearing the news. She remembers how Deep pushed her. She swears that she will take revenge on Deep by killing him and distancing him away from his loved ones. She starts to learn skills from Abhi to becomes skilful fighter.



  • Arjun Bijlani as Deep Raichand/Deep Raj Singh (2017–present)
  • Aalisha Panwar as /Tara Raichand/Tara Deep Raj Singh (2017–present)
  • Shoaib Ibrahim as Abhimanyu (2018-present)
  • Nia Sharma as Aarohi Kashyap/Aarohi Deep Raj Singh (2018-present)


  • Vineet Raina as Inspector Lakshya Pradhan/Inspector Virat Raichand/Malik (2017–present)
  • Lata Sabharwal as Vasundhara Devi, Deep's mother (2018–present)
  • Vishavpreet Kaur as Abhimanyu's godmother (2018—present)
  • Deepali Saini as Surekha (2018–present)
  • Dushyant Wagh as Kashyap (2018–present)
  • Prithvi Zutshi as Aarohi's father (2018–present)
  • Shravani Goswami as Aarohi's mother (2018–present)
  • Kishori Shahane as Deep's aunt (2018) (Dead)
  • Ananya Soni as Sudha (2018) (Dead)
  • Suchita Trivedi as Sunanda Chaudhary/Roma Raichand (2018) (Dead)
  • Kushal Punjabi as Advocate Danny Manchanda (2018) (Dead)
  • Aakanksha Awasthi as Ridhi Kashyap, Aarohi's sister in-law (2017–18) (Dead)
  • Abhinav Kohli as Dilip Singh Raichand (2018)
  • Mihir Mishra as Prithvi Raichand/Prithvi, Deep's manager (2017–18) (Dead)
  • Akanksha Juneja as Vedika, Prithvi and Roma's daughter (2018) (Dead)
  • Neha Bam as Kalyani (2018) (Dead)
  • Tuhinaa Vohra as Maya Raichand/Maya, Tara's aunt (2017–18) (Dead)
  • Aashish Kaul as Dr. Bhandari Raichand (2017–18) (Dead)
  • Prema Mehta as Diya Raichand/Diya (2017–18)
  • Puneet Panjwani as Shankar (2018) (Dead)
  • Harsh Vashisht as Aniket Kashyap (Aarohi's Brother) (2017) (Dead)
  • Arjun Aneja as Sushant Raichand/Sushant (2017)
  • Faiza Faiz as Sanaya Raichand/Sanaya (2017) (Dead)
  • Shruti Yogi as Mayuri (2017)


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