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Ishq Nachaya
GenreFamily Drama
Serial drama
Created byAbdul Mannan Wai Qureshi
Written byZeffer Imran
Directed byMohsin Talat
StarringImran Ashraf
Diya Mughal
Yasir Shoro
Faryal Rajput
Saleem Meraj
Saba Faisal
Shahzad Ali Khan
Erfan Motiwala
Theme music composerWajid Saeed
Opening theme"Ishq Nachaya"
by Wajji Ali
Composer(s)Wajid Saeed Studios
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
No. of episodes26
Producer(s)Abdul Mannan Wai Qureshi
CinematographyIrfan Mirza
Editor(s)Abdul Mannan Wai Qureshi
Muhammad Bilal Sheikh
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time38-42 minutes
Production company(s)AMW Productions
Original networkExpress Entertainment
Picture format480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Audio formatStereo
Original release21 July 2016 (2016-07-21) –
12 January 2017 (2017-01-12)
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Ishq Nachaya (Urdu: نچایا عشق, Ishq Nachaya) (English: Dance of Love) is a Pakistani drama serial directed by Mohsin Talat, based on a story written by Anwar Jamal Anwar and scripted by Zeffer Imran. The first episode appeared on Express Entertainment on Thursday, 21 July 2016. The story is an intricate dance of love and how it transforms even the most devilish of characters to kneel when love comes knocking at their hearts.



No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date PAK viewers
1"Episode 1"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran21 July 2016 (2016-07-21)N/A
Shayan (yasir shoro) meets Sania (Diya Mughal) in a wedding ceremony and falls in love with her. They share contacts, but the same night Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) robs Shayan due to which he loses his cellphone with her contact. Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) sends message on Sania's (Diya Mughal) number blindly, she responds, assuming him Shayan. Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) also responds as Shayan. Sania's mother (Majida Hameed) always wanted her to marry into a rich family Whereas Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) is a Hoodlum and robbing is his profession. Talking regularly bring them closer. Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) hasn't ever seen Sania (Diya Mughal), but he presumes her as more beautiful than his imaginations. Sarwar (Saleem meraj) also loves Sania (Diya Mughal), whom Ramzi's cousin (aunt's daughter) Soni (Faryal Rajput) loves silently When Sarwar (Saleem Meraj) comes to know that Sania loves someone else, his world gets darkened. Even he is asked by Sania's family to find out about Ramzi (Imran Ashraf), the one who Sania is involved with, depresses him more.
2"Episode 2"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran28 July 2016 (2016-07-28)N/A
Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) continues to talk to Sania (Diya Mughal) on the phone and get acquainted and beyond. Sania convinces Sarwar (Saleem Meraj) to set up a meeting with "Shayan". Ramzi gets all decked up and shows up at the restaurant where Sarwar is awaiting the rich Shayan, but comes face to face with Ramzi, these 2 already know each other. Ramzi's friend Saleem (Erfan Motiwala) threatens Sarwar not to reveal Ramzi's identity to neither Sania nor her mother. Sarwar keeps his mouth shut to the extent he doesn't answer any of Sania or her mother probing questions. Sania's mother thinks he is doing so because he is Jealous knowing Sania is getting married into a wealthy family, Sania has no ill feeling towards Sarwar. In the meantime Soni's (Faryal Rajpoot) mother and Ramzi's Aunt / Phupo (Saba Faisal) falls sick who suffering from asthma, Ramzi's father (Shahzad Ali Khan) leave his work to fetch the doctor and brings him home. Soni keeps trying to call Ramzi but he doesn't take her call. When Ramzi gets home his father gives him an ear full. On the other side Sarwar tells Sania's mother to invite Shayan home for Dinner, knowing well that when Ramzi will show up Sania will recognize that this is not the Shayan she knew, putting Ramzi in a tight spot.
3"Episode 3"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran4 August 2016 (2016-08-04)N/A
In the 3rd Episode of Ishq Nachaya, Ramzi's (Imran Ashraf) aunt / phupo (Saba Faisal) asks him marry Soni, so she can die peacefully. Ramzi stalls and does not answer her clearly. Further ahead Ramzi takes his cousin Soni (Faryal Rajpoot) go to Sania's (Diya Mughal) home, everyone is indulging in conversations but Ramzi's eyes are lowered and keeps staring at her feet, he doesn't have the courage to take a look at her. Sania and Soni get acquainted really well.
4"Episode 4"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran11 August 2016 (2016-08-11)N/A

In the 4th episode of Ishq Nachaya Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) is enveloped by Sania ( Diya Mughal ) conversations as for Soni (Faryal Rajput) supports Ramzi in his Love quest unconditionally. Sania’s Mother (Majida) insists that Ramzi who is pretending to Shayan to come over with his parents. Soni tries to convince Ramzi to tell Sania he is not the Rich Shayan she thinks he is, but to tell her who he really is, Ramzi who comes from a poor family with a heart of Gold. Ramzi decides to act on Soni’s advice.

Ramzi calls Sania to meet in the park, Sania take along Sarwar as an escort to the park to meet Shayan who is actually Ramzi, See what fate has in plan for Ramzi in the 5th Episode.
5"Episode 5"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran18 August 2016 (2016-08-18)N/A

Soni comforts Ramzi as his world drowns in the abyss of Darkness, Ramzi was not playing with Sania feelings he was actually in love with her, and it was Love! Ramzi walks up to her door to try and talk to Sania she recalls him as the cousin of Shayan and meet her previously. Ramzi confesses to lying but he was not lying when he said he loved her. Sania slams the door in his face but there is still something not shut out. Shayan frequently visits Sania’s home but find her to be lost and even distracted and senses that something is not right. Sania calls Soni to confront her with the deceitfulness of Ramzi, but Soni try to reassure Sania that Ramzi loves her and to not right him off as a cheater. Sania is confused not knowing what to do!

In the 6th Episode will Ramzi’s love story end here or has he managed to win Sania’s heart?
6"Episode 6"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran25 August 2016 (2016-08-25)N/A

All that Fizz has flattened out the storm came and went. Ramzi’s (Imran Ashraf) aunt /Phupo (Saba Faisal) probes him about marrying her daughter Soni (Faryal Rajput) at which to get her off the topic tells her that Ramzi is interested in another girl. When she asks Ramzi as to who and where she is from Ramzi tells her that Soni is lying. He does not want to put his dying aunt in misery while she is on her death bed. Sania (Diya Mughal) is beyond restless the grief of being cheated by everyone whether it was Ramzi or Soni and even her own relative and best friend Sarwar (Saleem Meraj) had kept the truth from her.

On the story ahead will Ramzi marry the dying aunt’s daughter? Will Soni accept the given attention she getting as a consolation? Since Ramzi is now out of Sarwar path will Shayan prove to be the last obstacle in his quest for Sania’s heart?
7"Episode 7"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran1 September 2016 (2016-09-01)N/A

In the 7th Episode we see Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) at Sania’s (Diya Mughal) doorstep begging for mercy and her love, but love is never gained through charity. Ramzi gets enraged and begins threatening of consequences. After all this, Sania (Diya Mughal) takes Sarwar (Saleem Meraj) forcibly to Ramzi’s home where she meets Soni (Faryal Rajput) to convince Ramzi to back off his treats otherwise he will bear the consequences of what happens next. In the meantime Shayan (Yasir Shoro) introduces Sania to his Mother (Shaheen Khan) and she compliments him on his wonderful choice.

In the following episode will Sania take the decision of her life or not? Who is the girl that calls Sania about Shayan’s deeds and maligns his image? Who calls Shayan and tells him about Sania and Ramzi’s relationship?
8"Episode 8"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran8 September 2016 (2016-09-08)N/A

Sania (Diya Mughal) makes Ramzi (Imran Ashraf) promise that he will not harm her family. Ramzi wants guarantees but Sania tells him that He is the one who is in love not her he is no position to demand anything. Sania’s mother along with Sarwar(Saleem Meraj) visits Shayan’s (Yasir Shoro) home and is impressed by their lifestyles. Sarwar knows there is no way that this wedding could be stalled. Soni with her bruised ego still manages to keep her own and says that even if Ramzi wanted to marry her she would refuse to marry him. Sania gets a call from a girl who tells her that Shayan is a habitual womanizer a collector and whatnot. Sania tells Sarwar about the anonymous call and it all seemed like the works of Ramzi since he was capable of doing anything at this moment in time.

In the next episode we will see what crisis has fallen on Ramzi’s family?, what happens when Sania’s mother tries to complain about Ramzi to his family? Is there anyone who can stop Ramzi?
9"Episode 9"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran15 September 2016 (2016-09-15)N/A

Sania’s mother gets to Ramzi’s home to complain about his threats, which agitates Ramzi and tries to explain his position before being dubbed as the wrong doer. Ramzi is heartbroken knowing he has given everyone everything and yet all he has is Sadness. His friend Saleem cannot bear to see his grief and decides to call Shayan anonymously and tries to malign her name but Shayan does not pay attention to anything said about Sania. Soni’s mother Sakina now knows that Ramzi is madly in love with another girl. She support him and insists that he should marry who he like, but inside Sakina is broken apart about the future of her daughter. Soni urges that there might be others who are better than Ramzi. Shayan and Sania go out for a while as Shayan gets an anonymous call suggesting the girl he is with is not worthy of you Sania hears this and acknowledges that she is not worthy of him.

In the Next episode we will see Ramzi’s father reacting with anger when he finds out that Ramzi is in love. On the other side we will see how Sania who has been swinging like a pendulum between making a decision take a decision on who she wants as his Groom, Will Soni’s sacrifice gain her any reward?
10"Episode 10"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran22 September 2016 (2016-09-22)N/A

Ramzi’s father Shukaat says that if Ramzi refuses to marry Soni he will have to leave his home, to which Soni comes to Ramzi’s rescue and lies that it is not him who has refused but her after which Sania calls Soni to tell her to send Ramzi’s parents over to talk about their marriage and to let her know that she will say "Yes", Soni in her excitement shares the great news with her dying mother who is already concerned about her daughter’s future and marriage hears her own daughter’s excitement, breaths her last and passes away.

In the next episode we will see a major shift in the story; will Ramzi ever know that the one who he is dying to be with has already agreed to be his forever? Will Sania refuse to get engaged and marry Shayan? And Sarwar will he deliver Sania’s message to Ramzi?
11"Episode 11"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran29 September 2016 (2016-09-29)N/A
Everything turns upside down, Ramzi has lost all his friends, his Aunt Soni’s mother passes away and yet Sania awaits Ramzi and his parents, but how would he come, he has not received Sania’s message. Soni’s in shock losing her mother’s and forgets to pass on the information that Sania had called and the message. Sania gets a false message that Ramzi has refused to marry her and someone calls Shayan to stop him from marrying Sania as she is in love with Ramzi but Shayan is all engrossed with marrying Sania. Sania is engaged to be married to Shayan. On the other end Soni eventually gets back to her senses and tells Ramzi that Sania called and her willingness to marry him. Ramzi thinks that Soni has lost her senses and in shock cause of her mother’s death and pays no attention. At Sania’s engagement Sarwar is seen to be anxious and nervous, Sania notices this and enquires him the next day about his uneasy state to which he tells her not to marry Shayan. Why did Sarwar say this? Does he want to tell Sania that she has been lied to? Or that Ramzi would be her best choice? Or is there something else lurking in the shadows of uncertainty.
12"Episode 12"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran6 October 2016 (2016-10-06)N/A

Soni fails to deliver Sania’s message to Ramzi, cause of which Sania had to get engaged to Shayan, but now since Soni has regained some sense and tell Ramzi everything who in the beginning doesn’t believe her but when his friend Saleem tells him the same thing he contacts Sania and the news of Sania’s engagement comes to him as a bitter news, Sania is engaged to someone else, but Ramzi is in Love and nothing else matters. Sania comes over to mourn with Soni at her mother’s passing away this is when Shayan calls her and asks who Ramzi is as someone had called him and told him that she is at Ramzi’s home to which Sania’s gets irritated and tells Shayan to come over to her home where she will talk to him about it.

Will Sania tell Shayan everything about Ramzi? Will Shayan let Sania off? Will Shayan reach the person who robbed him of his cellphone? What threats will Shayan give Ramzi
13"Episode 13"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran13 October 2016 (2016-10-13)N/A

Ramzi and Sania have not been able to marry because Sania’s mother wanted her to marry into a wealthy family and on the other side Ramzi’s parents want their son to marry Soni. Soni who is Ramzi’s cousin and late aunt’s daughter and also love’s Ramzi dearly even though they Soni and Ramzi are already engaged. The situation stands where Sania’s heart beats for Ramzi and Ramzi has told Soni everything.

We have yet to find out, who is calling Sania about Ramzi and Shayan about Sania creating misunderstanding. What will happen when Sania goes to Ramzi’s house with a message for him but returns disappointed.
14"Episode 14"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran20 October 2016 (2016-10-20)N/A
Sarwar (Saleem Meraj) is the instigator of all misunderstandings and wrong doings, he the one person that is misleads every character in this story all because he loves Sania ( Diya Mughal ). Love can be like this, which is very superficial. In order to get close to his love he destroys his beloved completely. Sania refutes Sarwar and asks him to leave and never return again. When in love you take one wrong step and take you down the path of doom. Sarwar’s next step is to meet Shayan ( Yasir Shoro ) and try’s to malign her reputation. Sania has decided that she will choose Ramzi and for that goes to his house, where she finds out that they are preparing to marry Ramzi and Soni. What more twist and turns are in this story?
15"Episode 15"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran27 October 2016 (2016-10-27)N/A
The plans for Soni and Ramzi’s wedding are being thought about, and Sania has left a message with Soni to tell Ramzi "she loves him". Ramzi’s mother hears this message and curses, abuses and kicks her out of the house. Sania hears shocking news that Soni and Ramzi are getting married. Sania gets so emotional that she lets Shayan know they are not getting married. Shayan ignore her. Poor Soni is all set to sacrifice her love for Ramzi and Sania. She tell Ramzi of Sania message of love and tells him to forget about their wedding. Ramzi is caught right in the center of a whirlpool with no way out.
16"Episode 16"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran3 November 2016 (2016-11-03)N/A

There is a Russian Proverb that goes something like "Love is also called a Habit", Ramzi is habitual of Soni, for Soni it is Ramzi, The same way Sania had grown accustomed to Ramzi and in love, yet for Sarwar it was Sania, Such habits can often kill people involved. Ramzi’s begging and pleading to Sania doesn’t help. Sania send him towards Soni so they can be together. Soni had already given up all hopes.

Ramzi is now in no man’s land dejected from home and rejected by his Love and without the company of his best friend Saleem. Sania is going through hell and wishes she had a friend to share her grief; Sarwar had turned out to be a back stabber. Will Sania ever forgive Sarwar? Will Shayan bow his head in admission for Soni? Will Ramzi’s patience lead him to victory? Or will this path of love lead to a destination still a long way away?
17"Episode 17"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran10 November 2016 (2016-11-10)N/A
Soni decides to be independent; she seeks employment in a factory. Ramzi finds out and objects, at which she argues as to his authority. Ramzi is enraged and raises his hand in a slap at which Ramzi father pounces on him but is stopped by Soni telling him that Ramzi is innocent, this infuriates Ramzi further. Sania comes over to meet Sarwar trying convincing him to forget what has happened and making amends taunts at him telling him, that she is not afraid of him when he is around, being a back stabber as he is a threat unseen. Shayan’s sister has come from America for the wedding, she can clearly see Sania as a good choice but her mother seems like a Greedy woman. As the wedding of Sania and Shayan is all set to happen. Fate kicks Sania’s future into another commotion having turned Ramzi away herself, will she lose Shayan as well before the wedding?
18"Episode 18"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran17 November 2016 (2016-11-17)N/A
Saleem, has kidnapped Sania and Sarwar is in pursuit of the van used to kidnap Sania but can't keep up with the speeding van. Sarwar calls Shayan and inform him of the kidnapping. At a moment when the Wedding is set to happen, Shayan barely makes an effort to probe who might have done it, as for him everyone is a suspect whether it is Sarwar or Ramzi. He leads the police to Ramzi's house and has him arrested in suspicion and locked in Jail. Ramzi's Father gets him released and back home but by then he had been severely beaten and tortured. Sania's mother is worried to death but Sarwar tries to console her when Shayan suggested that there might be someone close who is involved suggesting that Sarwar could? At which Sarwar protests his innocence. Shayan is helpless not knowing what to do his wedding is all set for tomorrow and his bride to be is kidnapped.
19"Episode 19"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran24 November 2016 (2016-11-24)N/A
Saleem kidnap's Sania and then hands her over to Ramzi. Ramzi escorts Sania back to her home. Sarwar who had demanded 5 Hundred thousand from Shayan for Sania's whereabouts is in a dire situation at this time as he had pointed the police to Ramzi's house telling them he had kept her there but nothing is found. Sania promises Ramzi that she will not tell the police anything about who her kidnapper was since Ramzi had rescued and brought her home she would not want to get him into any trouble. Shayan is only worried about what is going to happen tomorrow at this wedding since the bride is missing but Sania has returned home safe, what remains to be seen - will she take Ramzi's name and put him at risk? Will Ramzi get caught? Is Sania ready to marry Shayan or will Shayan refuse to get married?
20"Episode 20"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran1 December 2016 (2016-12-01)N/A

Ramzi leaves Sania on the street where she lives and declines to know anything about her abductors. The Police raid Ramzi’s house but he reaches home before the police do so he is not considered as an accomplice but Soni asks Ramzi about his whereabouts and he stalls her question. Here Soni is worried about Ramzi and just as Shayan’s sister is worried where he is he lies about being with a friend whose father is in the hospital but is glad that Sania is home safe and tonight would be there Mehndi Ceremony. He warns Sarwar of serious consequences if the news of Sania kidnaping is revealed to his family members and for that Sarwar manages to squeeze out an easy 200,000 and baits Sarwar with another 300,000 if he manages to get information on who kidnapped Sania.

Sania and Shayan eventually get married, but at their wedding night Sania has to face Shayan’s interrogating questions about who were her abductors instead of the wedding night sweet talks. Sania gives in to the relentless questioning and tells Shayan that it was Ramzi who had rescued her from the kidnappers which comes as a shocker to Shayan.
21"Episode 21"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran8 December 2016 (2016-12-08)N/A

Sania is now married to Shayan and yet he insists on knowing about her relationship with Ramzi. Sania asks if Ramzi was a thorn in his side why get married? Shayan parents are worried as to what seems to be the problem between the newly married couple? Shayan has assigned Sarwar with finding out if Ramzi was involved in Sania’s kidnapping. Sarwar tells about this to Sania’s mother and that her daughter is not happily married. Sania’s mother who had always been a greedy woman is astonished how with all that mone, how can someone be unhappy!

Ramzi has parted ways with his friend Saleem who had kidnapped Sania, his father is persistent that Ramzi marries Soni. Ramzi feels obligated since Soni has stood beside him and for that reason he is almost agreed to do so.
22"Episode 22"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran15 December 2016 (2016-12-15)N/A

Sania now belongs to someone who she believe in or has faith and what is Shayan to do Sania has lied to him so many times it is hard for him to distinguish between truth or false he had pledged his life to her and now hell bent on punishing her for her unfaithfulness. He loves her so much that he doesn’t even know how to punish her so he burns in the fires of his own rage.

On the other side preparations for Soni and Ramzi’s wedding are underway all of which makes Soni remind her of her late Mother who died in hopes she would get to see her getting married but now lays to rest in peace. Ramzi’s friend Saleem who had never cared for anyone respect when discovers his own sister is interested in someone has blood on his mind. Will he do it? Watch as Ishq Nachaya head to its final episodes, even though the end seems unsure of what would happen but the dance of Love continues.
23"Episode 23"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran22 December 2016 (2016-12-22)N/A

Sania has been confined inside a deserted mansion by Shayan till the time she proves her innocence keeping her out of reach from anyone. Sania’s mother is worried as she is unable to contact her own daughter. Sania begs and pleads Shayan of her innocence but Shayan’s heart has turned cold oblivious to any amount of begging or pleading, once the seed of doubt has been sown even the lover voice and sight has no effect.

Soni is happy as if the Moon and stars are decorating her night sky suddenly remembers her late mother who herself has become a star something she can feel but not touch. For Ramzi Sania’s memories have become a star but a star that is visible even in daylight yet he has nothing but prayers for her happiness and wellbeing yet what you want or wish for rarely happens.
24"Episode 24"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran29 December 2016 (2016-12-29)N/A

Soni seeks her mother’s soul for strength yet Shayan enraged at Sania not willing to hear any explanations to clear his doubts but is hell bent on making Sania suffer for what she has done. Left alone and scared she remembers her mother’s advice on Ramzi and Shayan. Held against her will and that to what was supposed to be their Honey Moon.

Ramzi and Soni indulge in a heart to heart conversation discussing her late mother, dreams, aspiration and where fate has in store, as well a shooting star to the extent of the emotional baggage’s from the recent events. Ramzi’s friend Saleem commits the most despicable act of murder and that of his own sister in the name of saving his family’s honor. Sania locked up seeks an escape from Shayan will she?
25"Episode 25"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran5 January 2017 (2017-01-05)N/A

Soni and Ramzi discuss the aftermath of Saleem’s murder of his sister as Ramzi is worried about his friends fate and its consequences. Sania is caught escaping by Shayan and drags her back forcefully, Ramzi and Soni enjoy a romantic evening talking about everything in general. Sania is tied by Shayan for trying to escape and lets her know that he is going to hurt her physically for all the emotional turmoil she had infected on him. Shayan’s mother is worried about his emotional state unsure as to why he is not happy, Shayan realizes his outrage and use of force was a mistake and shares his feelings with Sania and return home.

Ramzi’s father takes Soni’s consent for her and Ramzi’s wedding in the next few weeks. Shayan is willing to let Sania go to her mother’s so she doesn’t have to answer his families probing questions. Back at her mother’s she recalls Shayan’s rage but holds back from sharing her agony yet comforts in the memories of Ramzi. Soni and Ramzi sit together to discuss post marital life what ifs and not’s she confesses of a lingering thought that Sania might come knocking at their door.
26"Episode 26"Mohsin TalatZeffer Imran12 January 2017 (2017-01-12)N/A

Sarwar comes to visit Sania to catch up on her newly married life and if she remembers any of the people from her pre-marital life, Shayan finally pour his heart out to his sister telling her exactly what he thinks and what he had kept from his family throughout. Sarwar tells Sania that he has been paid by Shayan to keep an eye on her specially if meets Ramzi but Sarwar won’t, Sania taunts her to do that but he submits that he may have betrayed her trust and lied to her but he won’t do that now and is tells her everything even that Shayan wants to punish Ramzi. Shayan sister advises him to resolve the differences between them. Soni in a discussion with Ramzi wants to invite Sania for their wedding. Shayan’s Mother gets Sania back from her mothers, Shayan is willing to listen to Sania and regretting what he had done but assures Sania that everything will be alright.

All is set for Soni and Ramzi’s wedding the house is being decorated and their family keeps telling them not to see each other living in the same house. Shayan drives Sania towards Ramzi’s house and hands her the divorce papers telling her she is free. She knocks at Ramzi’s door and is ushered in by a shocked Ramzi who tells her that he and Soni were about to visit her with the invitation to their wedding Sania excuse herself telling them she will return as she had forgotten to get something for their wedding.


Ishq Nachaya
Soundtrack album by
GenreTheme song
ProducerAbdul Mannan Wai Qureshi

The show's theme song "Ishq Nachaya" was composed by Wajid Saeed and sung by Wajji Ali. It was written by Muhammad Nasir. The song is frequently played throughout the show's episodes.

1."Ishq Nachaya"Wajji Ali5:08

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