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Ishq Subhan Allah
Developed by Danish Javed
Written by Danish Javed
Directed by Vikram Ghai
Creative director(s) Aashish Batra
Country of origin India
Original language(s)

Hindustani language

No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 161 as of 19 October 2018
Camera setup Single-Camera
Production company(s) Creative Eye Limited
Original network Zee TV
Picture format
Original release 14 March 2018 (2018-03-14) – present

Ishq Subhan Allah (English: This Love, Oh God) is an Indian television series, which airs on Zee TV.[1][2] The show is produced by Zuby Kochchar and Dheeraj Kumar. It stars Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan.[3][4] The show also marks the comeback of Eisha Singh.[5][6]


Ishq Subhan Allah starts with Zara Siddiqui and Kabir Ahmed coming back to Lucknow after 5 years, after pursuing higher studies on Islam. When an argument about Triple Talaq, between Zara and Kabir, becomes viral on the internet, they are forced to marry each other.

Although they experience a bit of a rocky road in the initial days of their marriage, the events of their honeymoon bring them closer. Zara starts to fall in love with Kabir, while Kabir is still hesitant. Kabir's sister-in-law's sister, Rukhsaar, has been in love with Kabir from a young age, and tries everything to split them up.

She brings in a man named Miraj, to help her bring differences between Zara and Kabir, in the pretence of her friend's brother. Miraj is actually the brother of an underworld Don of Kashmir Siraj's brother. When he finds out that Rukhsaar is the actual reason his brother is dead, he goes rogue.

In order to save her family from Miraj, Rukhsaar brings her friend from college to be Miraj's sister, much to Miraj's chagrin. She asks "Nilofer" to keep everyone in her family safe from Miraj, except for Zara, while she is married off and sent to Dubai. Miraj eventually buys out Nilofer and she also becomes bad.

A big misunderstanding happens between Zara and Kabir and Kabir divorces Zara, through triple talaq. But Zara does accept the divorce, as it is revealed that it was not in their nuptials. Miraj reveals his true self to Zara and how he wants her, on the cost of Kabir. To save Kabir, Zara tries to get Rukhsaar back to India to reveal Miraj's truth.

Zara asks Zeenat, Kabir's SIL, to help her get in contact with Rukhsaar, but is not able to reach her. Shahbaz strikes a deal with Kabir to let Miraj join Sharia Board and not divorce Zara, on the means of giving him 1 crore to pay back Zara's Mahr. Miraj squeezes himself into Sharia Board, and Irfan, Zara's father, announces that he wants both Zara and Kabir as his Vice Head.

It is revealed to Kabir that Miraj is a diamond smuggler, who only joined his project to turn his own black money into white. One this truth being revealed, Kabor's dream project is seized.


Ishq Subhan Allah is based in Lucknow and focuses on the Muslim community. It revolves around two people, Zara and Kabir who follow the same religion, Islam, and have pursued higher studies in it, but interpret the Quran differently.

The two main characters have starkly different personalities. One of which is Zara Siddiqui (Eisha Singh), who is an open-minded Muslim woman who fights for people's rights, particularly womens. She completed her Masters in Islamic Studies and has returned to Lucknow after 5 years. The other lead character is Kabir Ahmad (Adnan Khan), who is a culture-driven and a conservative young Mawlawi. He has also returned home to Lucknow, after completing his studies in Maulvi (Islamic) practice.

Kabir's traditional views and Zara's modern perspective towards Islam causes their initial spark of attraction to die out and they clash with each other owing to their differing ideals on triple instant talaq.

Zara and Kabir's discussion on triple instant talaq goes viral on social media, angering their fathers, who are members of the Sharia Board (Islamic Board) in the city. Zara is pressured to take back her views against triple instant talaq, which she believes is derogatory to women. This brings on the wrath on the community on her. Kabir, who takes over the position of a Sharia board member from his father, Shahbaz Ahmed (Vinay Jain), protects Zara (for the sake of the dignity of their community) and gives a statement to the media saying that the video is fake. Zara, who believes that Kabir is responsible for the leaking of the video, challenges him that she will be make a difference to the standing of women in their community. To retaliate against Kabir, Zara takes over the membership of the Sharia Board from the only female representative. Kabir, who believes that Zara's views are against Islam, belittles her actions, which ends up with Zara and Kabir having very public fights. Not wanting their community to suffer and be divided on account of their differing perspectives, the elders of the community suggest getting Zara and Kabir married.

Thus, due to circumstances, they both end up getting engaged as this match is believed to benefit their Islamic community in the city. Not wanting to be bound to each other for life, Kabir and Zara join forces with their best friends Reema and Imran to stop the wedding. Kabir even manipulates his sister-in-law, Zeenat to bring forth the fact that his father had earlier agreed to marry him to Zeenat's younger sister, Rukhsaar (Shipsy Rana), who has harbored feelings for Kabir since childhood. Unable to take the shock, she tries to commit suicide on the day of Kabir and Zara's engagement. She is eventually saved by Zara who donates blood to her and assures her that she will not marry Kabir. However, in a turn of events, Shahbaz Ahmed is able to hoodwink Rukhsaar and convince her that he will get her married to Kabir once he becomes the Sheher Qazi (Islamic Religious Leader of the city) with the help of Zara's Father Irfan, who is the current Sheher Qazi. Rukhsaar who is eager to get Kabir, as well as become the Qazian (Wife of the Qazi) after marrying Kabir agrees to get Kabir and Zara married without thinking of the repercussions of this alliance on her future with Kabir. Kabir and Zara are eventually shocked when Rukhsaar herself steps forth and gets them engaged. Seeing no other way out, Kabir and Zara resolve to say no at the nikaah, when they are asked whether they accept the marriage. In a moment of weakness, Zara concerned that her rejection of this marriage will cause disrepute to her beloved father says "Qubool Hai" (I Accept) for the marriage. Kabir, seeing no other way out, seething with anger also openly accepts the marriage at the ceremony, leaving Zara distraught as she had hoped he would say no in case she couldn't refuse. Fearing Kabir's favor of talaq-e-biddat (triple instant talaq), Zara includes a clause in her nikahnama (marriage contract) stating that Kabir cannot divorce her this way. Kabir angrily agrees to these terms, while giving her mahr of 1 Crore Rupees.

Despite their forced marriage, Kabir's parents, Shahbaz and Ayesha (Gunn Kansara) convinces both Zara and Kabir to go to Kashmir for their honeymoon. While exploring the beautiful region, Zara gets kidnapped by Siraj (Piyush Sahdev), an underworld Don who was made to believe by Rukhsaar, (who created a fake social media account for Zara) that Zara was in love with him. Zara is saved by Kabir. This results in Zara and Kabir's relationship to blossom and they consummate their marriage. Zara finds out that it was Rukhsaar who made her fake profile. Following the Kashmir episode, Zara falls head over heels in love with Kabir, while Kabir still struggles to understand his feelings and attraction to his wife and views this marriage as a duty. Rukhsaar is shocked to know that Zara has returned with Kabir from Kashmir as she expected her to be still captive at Siraj's place. Soon after Qazi Irfan Siddiqui decides to make Kabir Nayyab Qazi (Vice President to Qazi) on the condition that Rukhsaar must be married off given her constant interference in Kabir and Zara's life. Eager to see his son as the Sheher Qazi, Kabir's father decides to get Rukhsaar married. Realizing that in her greed to the become the wife of the Qazi, she has lost Kabir forever, Rukhsaar vows to destroy Zara and Kabir's marriage by using Kabir's ego and their differences in ideologies against their relationship.

Kabir who is still against Zara being a member of the Sharia Board constantly tries to keep her at home and engage herself with housework. Kabir insists that Zara be like his mother to which she responds saying "when Ammi tells me to then I will change myself to be the daughter-in-law you want me to be".

Kabir starts a new project but needs an investor and Zara decides to use her mahr cheque to help him out. Hurt that his wife does not believe in his abilities, he refuses her help and taunts her for thinking that he would ever take her money. Rukhsaar realizing that she should have married Kabir when she had the chance makes a plan with Miraj, Siraj's brother, who pretends to be a wealthy investor and her friends brother, who is interested in Kabir's project.

Zara who is aware of Rukhsaar's true nature is weary of Miraj and she teams up with Kabir's mother, Imran and Reema to keep Kabir away from Miraj. While they are initially successful, Miraj eventually is able to initiate a partnership with Kabir and also manages to bring Rukhsaar on board as a partner while Zara watches helplessly. Kabir who is fed up of Zara's interference in his work and is keen on her staying at home starts avoiding her. To mend their relationship, Zara tries to woo him by dressing like a bride and waiting for Kabir. Kabir gives in to her advances and sleeps with her as he views this as a husband's duty. Zara on the other hand, is overjoyed as she thinks it's because he loves her. When Kabir reveals his true feelings to her, Zara is left heartbroken and wonders whether he will ever love her.

Meanwhile, Rukhsaar is engaged with Hamdan(Vishesh Sharma). Overcome with a lust for Kabir and shocked at Zara's inclusion into Kabir's project by Miraj, Rukhsaar reveals her true feelings for Kabir who admonishes her for her behavior and says he is a married man who will only be true to his wife, Zara, at any cost.

To avoid any further problems from Rukhsaar, Kabir and Zara with the help of Miraj gets Rukhsaar engaged to Hamdan and fixes her wedding date. Rukhsar who is adamant on getting Kabir resolves to cancel her wedding. Zeenat seeing the self-destructive path her sister is treading on requests her to accept her fate and marry Hamdan. Angered by her sister's statement, Rukhsaar realizes she has lost the only support she had in the house. Miraj also finds out that Rukhsaar was the one who created Zara's fake profile and is furious she caused the death of his brother and tried to manipulate him into destroying Kabir and Zara's relationship. He then vows to kill Rukhsaar first.

Meanwhile, Kabir slowly warms up to Zara's thinking and views and finds himself being drawn to his wife and moving beyond just "husband duties" and genuinely falling in love with Zara.

Desperate to marry Kabir, Rukhsar takes Miraj's help to seduce Kabir, so that he is overcome with guilt and will offer to marry her. Miraj who is aware of Rukhsaar's role in Siraj's arrest and death, plans to use this situation to kill Rukhsaar, Zara and Kabir in one go. Zeenat, who is aware of Rukhsaar's plan is flabbergasted with how low her sister can stoop, tries to dissuade Rukhsaar from committing such a sin, especially during Ramadan. Based on his plan with Rukhsaar, Miraj convinces Kabir to speak to Rukhsaar and ask her to marry Hamdan and forget Kabir. While speaking to Rukhsaar, Kabir is given water laced with a strong sedative. Kabir falls unconscious and Rukhsaar tries to take advantage of the situation. Zeenat who wants to save her sister from the repercussions of her actions, calls Zara and asks her to come home fast. Zara arrives and is shocked to find Rukhsaar trying to molest Kabir who is unconscious. Zara in a fit of anger slaps Rukhsaar and drags her to the living room in front of the other family members. Miraj, who was hiding in the bathroom, waiting to shoot all of them dead, realized that Zeenat must have been the one to call Zara and foil his plans.

Zara insults Rukhsaar in front of the family to which Rukhsaar retaliates by claiming Kabir was the one who came close to her and merely reciprocated because she was in love with him. Kabir slowly wakes up after the sedative wears off and is shocked to see what happened. Zara refuses to believe that Kabir is in the wrong and tries to find out the truth while Kabir is distraught that he caused pain to his wife and family. He promises that if he is wrong, he will ensure that he does right by everyone, including Zara. However, he does mention to Rukhsaar that if this turns out to be untrue, he will show her his true colors and ensure that she suffers for her bad deeds. In a twist, Zara realizes Rukhsaar had changed into a nightdress (to seduce Kabir after drugging him) and had left them in Zara's cupboard to be picked up later. She proves this using the CCTV camera at the entrance of their house. Zara is also able to make Rukhsaar drink water from the jug in her room. Rukhsaar faints after drinking the water, proving that Kabir is innocent.

Rukhsaar is isolated by the family following this incident. Zara is able to also tell Kabir that Rukhsaar was the one who created her fake profile to chat with Siraj. She also reveals that Rukhsaar had tried to kill her while they were in Kashmir on several occasions. Kabir overcome with fury drags Rukhsaar out and states that she should be handed over to the Police for trying to kill his beloved wife. Zara intervenes and suggests that they get her married to Hamdan instead and file an FIR against her after she leaves for Dubai to make sure that she cannot return to India anymore.

Rukhsaar, seeing no other way out agrees to marry Hamdan, and asks Shahbaz to give her Mahr of 1 Crore. Zeenat also warms up to the idea of his sister marrying Hamdan, whom she believes to be a good match for her sister like she thought Kabir once was.

Realizing that she committed a grave error by calling Miraj to the house, Rukhsaar pays an old collegemate (Nisha Nagpal) of hers to pretend to be Miraj's sister, Nilofer, to keep an eye on him and protect Amaan, her nephew as well as Kabir. She also tells her friend to do her bit to keep Zara and Kabir apart.

Vowing to return to the house, Rukhsar sadly marries Hamdan and tearfully bids goodbye to the family as Kabir escorts her in place of her father out of the house with husband Hamdan.

Kabir and Zara grow closer during the course of these events and Kabir eventually confesses to his wife that he has lately been doing things for her out of pure love and not just his duty as a husband. Zara is overjoyed to hear this from Kabir and they remarry by saying "Qubool Hai" to each other again as they had initially gotten married against their wishes.

Miraj is shocked to find "Nilofer" being thrust into the house as his sister and struggles to find out her real motives in coming to the house. He also becomes wary of Zeenat, who he believes has been foiling his plans to kill Kabir and Zara and extract his revenge.

As Eid approaches, Kabir and Zara, as members of the Sharia Board, clash over whether women can offer Namaz at the mosque. Kabir and Zara stay separately during the course of this discussion and eventually Zara wins the case thereby angering Kabir, who refuses to come to terms with this defeat. Kabir refuses to lead the namaz and as the Nayyab Qazi, irritating both Qazi Irfan and Shahbaz for going against the decision of the Sharia Board. Kabir also starts avoiding Zara and does not call her back from her parent's house, where she was dragged to by him during an argument. Rukhsaar's happiness knows no bounds when she comes to hear of this from Nilofer. The rest of the family toil hard to bring Zara and Kabir closer again.

Shahbaz and Qazi Irfan have a spat on Zara's case for women praying at the mosque. Rukhsaar and Hamdan return for Eid and Rukhsaar relishes the fact that Kabir thwarts Zara's attempts at reconciling with him. Zara warns her to stay away from their lives. She further threatens to call the Police as the case against Rukhsaar is still pending. Rukhsaar reluctantly back off. Much to Rukhsaar's and Miraj's chagrin, Kabir and Zara again make up during Eid. Their happiness is short lived as Kabir witnesses Zara telling her father that she thinks Kabir may not be mature enough to take over as the Sheher Qazi just yet. Kabir vents out his frustration and questions whether she would like to continue to live with a person she thinks so badly off. Zara tries to defend her stance only for it to fall to deaf ears. It is also shown that Miraj slow finds himself being attracted to Zara and tries to gain her attention while trying to separate the couple. Nilofer is offered more money by Miraj and she takes him up on the offer while slowly abandoning Rukhsaar.

Kabir is also seen to have borrowed 1 Crore Rupees for some purpose. When Zara questions him, he angrily rebuffs her and tells his mother that he will reveal his intention in due time.

Egged on by his friend from the Sharia board and angered by his verbal fight with Qazi Irfan, Shahbaz now decides that it would be best if Kabir divorced Zara and tries his best to get Kabir angrier with Zara. He is happy to see that Zara will be serving as the witness against Kabir in Sharia board for not leading the Namaz. He believes that this will make Kabir angrier with Zara and make him divorce her.

Zara, supported by Ayesha provides the statement against Kabir. In retaliation, Kabir angrily steps down from the post of Nayyab Qazi much to shock of Zara.

To settle things between the couple, Ayesha sets out to bring Zara back to the house while Kabir struggles with his feelings towards Zara and her perceived betrayal by going against him in the Sharia board. Seething with anger and remembering their discussions about divorce before marriage, Kabir eventually smirks to himself. He gathers 1 Crore Rupees and heads to Zara's house. Zara is overjoyed to see him. Kabir asks her whether she would conform to his thoughts now which she agrees to. He proclaims that the only thing they agreed on from the beginning was that they shouldn't have gotten married and proceeds to give her triple instant talaq (by proclaiming talaq thrice) and her Mahr. Zara is crestfallen and Ayesha, Salma and Irfan are shocked.

Zara vows to fight against the injustice metted out to her even if it was Kabeer at the receiving end. She points out that in their nikaahnama, there is a specific clause which does not allow for triple talaq, thereby making the divorce between her and Kabir void. For Kabir and Zara to get divorced, Kabir would have to go through, talaq-e-ahsan, which means he would have proclaim the divorce at three different times, following a gap of 30 days between each proclamation.

Desperate to get back with Kabir, despite his behavior towards her, Zara moves back into Kabir's house and tries to change his mind before he divorces her two more times. She suggests that of the remaining 30 days they spend how she would wish them to and the rest of the days Kabir would be free to spend them as he likes before finalizing the divorce. In the house, Zara finds support from her mother-in-law and Kabir's sister, Elina, who hope that Kabir and Zara will reconcile. Shahbaz, plays a double-game asks Zeenat to make Zara's life miserable, while engaging with Qazi Irfan to make Kabir the Qazi with the promise of stopping the divorce between the couple. While Qazi Irfan is wary of Shahbaz's games, Zeenat gleefully takes every opportunity to humiliate Zara in the house. Realizing that Kabir is still reeling from the humiliation Zara subjected him to at the Sharia Board, Zara slowly tries to come to terms with the fact that Kabir may never love her again. Nevertheless she persists and tries to slowly change his views in little ways by telling him that it is not only women who are required to abide by the purdah, men are also required to keep figurative "purdah" in their eyes when going out.

As Miraj is starting to like Zara and trying to split up Zara and Kabir, he brings Nilofer to his side and tries to use her in the mean time. Zara one day sees Miraj and Nilofer being intimate, and questions the validity of their sibling story. In order to further find out, she suggests to Kabir to get Nilofer married to Imran, Kabir's best friend, who is in love with Reema, Zara's best friend. Zara finds questionable items in Nilofer's room and questions her about it. Miraj is able to cook up a story that convinces everyone. Miraj starts to openly declares to Zara his lust for her, and threatens Kabir's life. Zara challenges him as well. Miraj tries to get into Sharia Board.

When Zara uses Kabir to stop Miraj from entering Sharia Board for 30 days, Miraj tries to use Shahbaz, to emotionally and financially blackmail Kabir into supporting his entry into Sharia Board. Shahbaz, in a twist, also asks Kabir to not divorce Zara. Kabir is able to get Miraj into the Sharia Board, much to Zara's chagrin. Irfan also announces he wants both Zara and Kabir to be his Nayyab Qazi, but Zara is hesitant to accept the offer as she was just about to resign from Sharia Board. Miraj pays off Nilofer with diamonds to kill Zara. Kabir finds out that Miraj is actually an illegal diamond smuggler who only joined his project to turn his black money into white money. When the government finds out Miraj's truth, they seize Kabir's project till further notice.





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