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Ishrat Fatima (or Ishrat Fatima Saqib) is a former Pakistani newsreader and radio presenter who worked for Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan.[1] In 2019, she received civil award for her services.


Ishrat Fatima has had a successful and very popular career as a TV newsreader. She was 'the face' of 9 pm daily Urdu news Khabarnama in the 1980s and 1990s. She started her career from Radio Pakistan hosting a program ‘Khel aur Khiladi’.[1] Initially she had gone to PTV for audition for doing a weather segment, but instead was selected by PTV for news segment.[1]

Ishrat Fatima was popularly called 'a poised lady presenting news with elegance'. She seemed to have a great command over Urdu language while presenting the news with an abundance of self-confidence.[1] During an interview to a major Pakistani English-language newspaper, she stressed that she used to put in a tremendous amount of effort, time and energy in rehearsing before she actually went on-screen. In her rehearsals, she would verify everything and used to make sure that her presentation would have no errors in it.[1]

Early life[edit]

She was born in Pakistan and she lives in Islamabad she is not anyhow related to muzzafergarh Her siblings are also a part of media Ayesha Khalid ( VOA) and Bilal Sheikh (BOL). She got married in 1996 to Saqib Waheed.They are parents of two children Muhammad Shah Mir and Royam Saqib

Awards and recognition[edit]


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