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The Ishvara Gita is an ancient Hindu scripture philosophical text from Kurma Purana. It deals with topics such as Advaita metaphysics, Bhakti[1] and others [2]


The Ishvara Gita consists of 11 chapters with over 768 verses which deals with topics such as worship of Siva Lingam, Advaita metaphysics, Omni-Potence of Śiva-Liṅga,[3] Bhakti, Significance of OM,[4] Theophany of Śiva (śiva-prādurbhāva-ākhya), forms of Shiva (Aṣṭa Mūrtis) and others [2]


The Ishvara Gita contains many new themes that are not found in The Bhagavad Gita, such as worship of Shiva Lingam and the idea that Śiva as the ultimate God.[3]

The Īśvara gītā also shows the influence of the 8-fold (ashtanga) yoga of Patanjali, and of the pashupata sect of Shaivism. Several commentaries on this text are available in manuscript form, including one by vijñānabhikṣu, a 16th-century Hindu polymath.[citation needed]

The Īśvara gītā has been translated into English, French and Italian in stand-alone form, and into English as part of a complete translation of The Kurma Purana.[citation needed]

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