Isis Lock

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Isis Lock
Isis Lock, Oxford - - 320206.jpg
Isis Lock with the Oxford Canal on the left and the Castle Mill Stream on the right.
Waterway Oxford Canal/Castle Mill Stream
County Oxfordshire
First built 1795–97
Latest built 1844
Length 77'
Coordinates 51°45′22″N 1°16′09″W / 51.75598°N 1.26924°W / 51.75598; -1.26924Coordinates: 51°45′22″N 1°16′09″W / 51.75598°N 1.26924°W / 51.75598; -1.26924

Isis Lock (known to boatmen as "Louse Lock") is a lock connecting the Oxford Canal and the Castle Mill Stream, a backwater of the River Thames in Oxford, England.[1][2]


The Isis Lock is close to Sheepwash Channel, just to the south and linking with the River Thames to the west.[3] To the west of the lock are Rewley Road, the Cherwell Valley Line, and the Cotswold Line, just north of Oxford railway station. To the east over the Oxford Canal are the grounds of Worcester College, one of the colleges of Oxford University.

There is a winding hole for boats to turn on the Oxford Canal just to the north of the lock.


In central Oxford, the Oxford Canal and the River Thames were originally linked by a flash lock at Hythe Bridge.[4] In 1795–97, David Harris replaced it with Isis Lock, a broad lock to allow Thames barges in and out of the Oxford Canal Company's Worcester Street wharves. Isis Lock was rebuilt as a narrow lock in 1844.[4]



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