Isis River (Queensland)

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For other uses, see Isis River.
Name origin: The Isis[1]
Country Australia
State Queensland
Region Wide Bay–Burnett
Part of Burrum River catchment
Source confluence Smith Creek and Sarahana Creek
 - location east of Childers
 - elevation 35 m (115 ft)
 - coordinates 25°16′39″S 152°19′59″E / 25.27750°S 152.33306°E / -25.27750; 152.33306
Mouth confluence with the Burrum River
 - location south of Buxton
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 25°12′37″S 152°32′17″E / 25.21028°S 152.53806°E / -25.21028; 152.53806Coordinates: 25°12′37″S 152°32′17″E / 25.21028°S 152.53806°E / -25.21028; 152.53806
Length 27 km (17 mi)
Basin 526 km2 (203 sq mi)
Location of Isis River river mouth in Queensland

The Isis River is a river in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, Australia.[3]

Formed by the confluence of the Smith and Sarahana Creeks, the river rises east of Childers and flows in an easterly direction where it joins the Burrum River, south of Buxton. Not far from its junction with the Isis River, the Burrum and the Gregory River form a confluence and empty into the Coral Sea at Burrum Heads. The river descends 35 metres (115 ft) over its 27-kilometre (17 mi) course.[2]

The drainage sub-basin occupies an area of 526 square kilometres (203 sq mi).[4]

South of Childers, the river is crossed by the Bruce Highway via the Isis River Bridge.[5]

The river was named by its European discoverers, two colonial surveyors who likened it to the River Isis in Oxfordshire, England.[1] Other features such as the Isis Highway and the Isis Shire draw their name from the river.

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