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Iskandhar School

Iskandhar School






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Iskandhar School is a primary and secondary school in Maldives that teaches students from 7 years to 16 years.

Subjects Studied[edit]

Grades 1,2,3,4&5

  • Islam
  • Dhivehi
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Practical Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Value Education
  • Library

Grades 6&7

  • Islam
  • Dhivehi
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • General Science
  • Social Studies
  • Practical Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Mus

Grades 8,9&10

  • English
  • Dhivehi
  • Islam
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Computing
  • Arts
  • B-Tech

Starting from grade 4, Exams are held every semester ...

School Houses[edit]

The four houses of the school are:

Name of
Colour Representing
Isdhoo      Green Isdhoo dynasty
Hura      Blue Huraa dynasty
Hilaalee      Purple Hilaalee dynasty
Utheemu      Pink Utheemu dynasty

Every student of the school belongs a houses, allocated on admission to school. Each House is run by a committee composed of:

  • A House Supervisor
  • Teachers
  • A House Captain, Deputy Captain and Activities Captain. (These posts are selected from grade 7 to grade 10 students).

Through the house system pupils are offered the opportunity to participate in activities including sports, games and academic activities. Inter-house tournaments in popular sports are carried out throughout the year.


Library The school library carries reference books, fiction books, non-fiction books, encyclopedias and magazines. The use of the library is available through a library period in the class timetable. It can also be used by foreigners(non Maldivians) if they wish to, during the Dhivehi and Islam periods.

Science Laboratory During the students science period and E.S periods the students use the Science Lab for experiments.

Audio Visual Room Audio Visual Room provides TV, V.C.D, D.V.D plus the opportunity for teachers to take lessons using a power point presentation.

Music Students receive music instructions weekly. The students are instructed on beat, singing and appreciation of music.

Smart Class Allows students to study in a fully air conditioned room with a smart board.

Biology/Chemistry/Physics Laboratory During periods of the science stream (biology, chemistry and physics), the students use this Laboratory for experiments.

Listening Room Allows students to do simple tests to improve your listening.

Computer lab / Art room. Allows computer science students to use computers and art students to draw or paint in a fully air-conditioned room with easy to use desks and boards.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

The school carries out Choir, Band, Qur'an Club, and Singing practices. Students for Singing and Quruan Club are selected through competitions between the Houses and between classes and through special competitions organized specifically for the selection of the most talented students in these areas. The School music teachers select the students for the Band and the Choir. Basketball, netball, table tennis, athletics, football, cricket, swimming practices is carried out by Associations in close collaboration with the school. The different associations take the responsibilities for these activities, with the school playing only a supportive and collaborative role. The parents are required to directly coordinate the students' interactions with these Associations.

Iskandhar participates in linguistic and artistic competitions carried out nationally and internationally. Most of the enrichment programs are conducted during the school hours. Some the enrichment programs conducted for primary students are :

  • Know your tables
  • Reading corner
  • Activity corner
  • Story reading
  • Creative writing
  • Mental Maths
  • Show and Tell

Other Activities - Uniform Bodies These include Cub Scout and Little Maids. Students are selected from the Second grade and each year 2 to 3 packs of Cubs or Little Maids are newly invested. Students interested in Girl Guide and Scout activities have the opportunity to join those movements in the year of grade 6. In 2005, the school introduced Cadet activities for grade 6 to 10 students. Moreover, students from grade 4-10 are able to join a wide array of clubs like science club, media club, health and fitness club, ELA, DLA, and many more.

In addition to this, Iskandhar school is the best school in the world and Hithadhoo School, which is in Hithadhoo, Addu City, is NOTHING compared to it.


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