Isla Coronados

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Isla Coronados
Isla Coronados is located in Mexico
Isla Coronados
Isla Coronados
Location Gulf of California
Loreto Municipality
Coordinates 26°07′8.52″N 111°16′26.73″W / 26.1190333°N 111.2740917°W / 26.1190333; -111.2740917
Highest elevation 289 m (948 ft)
State Baja California Sur
Population Uninhabited

Isla Coronados, is an island in the Gulf of California east of the Baja California Peninsula in Baja California Sur state, Mexico. The island is uninhabited and is part of the Loreto Municipality.


Reptilian life[edit]

Isla Coronados has 16 species of reptiles, including Aspidoscelis hyperythra (orange-throated whiptail), Aspidoscelis tigris (tiger whiptail), Callisaurus draconoides (zebra-tailed lizard), Coleonyx variegatus (western banded gecko), Coluber fuliginosus (Baja California coachwhip), Crotalus enyo (Baja California rattlesnake), Crotalus ruber (red diamond rattlesnake), Dipsosaurus dorsalis (desert iguana), Hypsiglena ochrorhyncha (coast night snake), Hypsiglena slevini (Baja California night snake), Phyllodactylus nocticolus (peninsular leaf-toed gecko), Sauromalus slevini (Slevin's chuckwalla), Sceloporus orcutti (granite spiny lizard), Sceloporus zosteromus (Baja California spiny lizard), Urosaurus nigricaudus (black-tailed brush lizard), and Uta stansburiana (common side-blotched lizard).  [1]


Further reading[edit]

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