Guarello Island

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This article is about Island at Madre de Dios Archipelago. For Island at Smyth Channel, see Guarello Island (Smyth Channel).
Guarello Island
Native name: Isla Guarello
Guarello Island is located in Chile
Guarello Island
Guarello Island
Coordinates 50°23′S 75°20′W / 50.383°S 75.333°W / -50.383; -75.333Coordinates: 50°23′S 75°20′W / 50.383°S 75.333°W / -50.383; -75.333
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific Ocean
Region Magallanes
Additional information
NGA UFI=-883834

Guarello Island (Spanish: Isla Guarello) is an island in Madre de Dios Archipelago in Magallanes Region. Guarello Island is in a limestone area that also includes Madre de Dios Island. The island has the world's southernmost limestone mine and it has reserves for 100 years, and 600,000 tons of limestone with a millesimal fineness of 96% of Calcium carbonate are extracted each year. Half of the production is used in the steel mills of Huachipato which also owns the mines.[1]

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