Isla Guy Fawkes

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Isla Guy Fawkes
LocationGalápagos Islands
Coordinates0°30′55.69″S 90°31′37.90″W / 0.5154694°S 90.5271944°W / -0.5154694; -90.5271944Coordinates: 0°30′55.69″S 90°31′37.90″W / 0.5154694°S 90.5271944°W / -0.5154694; -90.5271944

Isla Guy Fawkes (also known as Guy Fawkes Island) is a collection of two crescent shaped islands and two small rocks north-west of Santa Cruz Island, in the Galápagos Islands, which are part of Ecuador.[1] It is uninhabited, but known to be used by scuba divers who amongst other things view the underwater zoanthids near it.[2]

William Beebe visited the islands and makes mention of them in his book Galapagos: World's End, he described the cliffs as majestic and made of stratified layers of volcanic tuff. He also noted a population of sealions.[3]

The island is perhaps best known and most noted for its name; which is derived from a controversial historical English figure.[4] Guy Fawkes, the man it is named after was a Roman Catholic revolutionary who had attempted to carry out the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.[5]


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