Isla Palomino

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Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino is located in Puerto Rico
Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino is located in Lesser Antilles
Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino is located in Caribbean
Isla Palomino
Isla Palomino
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates18°20′55″N 65°34′05″W / 18.34861°N 65.56806°W / 18.34861; -65.56806
ArchipelagoPuerto Rico Archipielago
Area0.41 km2 (0.16 sq mi)
Highest elevation50 m (160 ft)
TerritoryPuerto Rico

Isla Palomino is a small, uninhabited island located to the east of Puerto Rico, near the coast of Las Croabas in Cabezas barrio, Fajardo.


Isla Palomino is 0.7 mi (1.1 km) long and maximally 1,722 feet (525 m) wide, measures 102 acres (41 ha) in area and reaches a height of 165 feet (50 m).[citation needed] Coral reefs, seagrass beds, and rocky coast species are among the natural attractions found in Isla Palomino. Another attraction was the tiny island Palominito (which means tiny Palomino). Located about 2,000 feet (610 meters) south of Palomino Island, Isla Palominito now almost sank due to erosion.[citation needed]


Isla Palomino is the largest of three private islands near Puerto Rico, the other two being Isla de Ramos and Isla de Lobos. The island is owned by the descendants of Alberto Bachman Glauser, the Bachman Family and the Fuertes Bachman Family. Most of the island is rented to El Conquistador Resort for their beach and water activities. A private company provides private yacht charters to the island.[1] A ferry is used to get guests to the island, which takes approximately 12 minutes.[2] Palomino horses can be rented by guests for horse-back riding on the beach.[3]



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