Teja Island

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Teja island
Río Cruces e isla Teja.JPG
View of Isla Teja from shores of Cruces River north of it
Location Valdivia, Chile
Coordinates 39°48′09″S 73°15′45″W / 39.8026°S 73.2626°W / -39.8026; -73.2626Coordinates: 39°48′09″S 73°15′45″W / 39.8026°S 73.2626°W / -39.8026; -73.2626
Area 7.72 km2 (2.98 sq mi)
Highest elevation 66 m (217 ft)
Highest point Northwestern hills
Region Los Ríos
Province Valdivia
Commune Valdivia
Ethnic groups Chileans, German-Chileans

Teja island (Spanish isla Teja) is an island in the city of Valdivia, Chile surrounded by three rivers: Cau-Cau river to the north, Cruces river to the west and Valdivia river to the southeast. Prior to the mid-19th century the islan was known as isla Valanzuela after Francisco de Valenzuela, an encomendero that settled there in 1552. In the second half of the 19th century the island became known for its roof tile (Spanish: teja) and brick factory, hence the name isla Teja.[1] [[Initially it was outside the proper city, but with the arrival of the German immigrants many of them settled there and since 1939 the island is directly connected to downtown Valdivia through the Pedro de Valdivia bridge. A large section of the island's western riverside sank below water level due to the Great Chilean earthquake of 1960.

The island holds the main campus of Universidad Austral de Chile and since the construction of Río Cruces bridge in 1987 it became the main route to the neighboring areas of Niebla, Corral and Mancera Island.


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