Isla de Mona e Islote Monito, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

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Barrio of Isla de Mona e Islote Monito
Country  United States
Territory  Puerto Rico
Municipality Mayaguez-flag.svg Mayagüez
 • Total 21.98 sq mi (56.93 km2)
Population (2000)
 • Total 0
 • Density 0/sq mi (0/km2)
  2000 census

Isla de Mona e Islote Monito is a barrio in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The US census of 2000 reports six housing units, but a population of zero.[1] The Barrio is made up of the islands of Mona and Monito. This is the largest ward of Mayagüez by area, and the only one without permanent population.[2] The total land area of both islands in the barrio is about 56.93 km² (Mona Island 56.783 km² and nearby Monito Island 0.147 km²), and it comprises 28.3 percent of the total land area of the municipality of Mayagüez. Desecheo Island, 49 km to the northeast, is part of Sabanetas barrio. The Mona Island Lighthouse is located in the ward. Isla de Mona e Islote Monito is surrounded by the Mona Passage.

Coordinates: 18°05′26″N 67°53′26″W / 18.0905409°N 67.8905230°W / 18.0905409; -67.8905230[3]