Isla de San Martín (Argentina)

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Isla de San Martín

The Isla de San Martín (English: Island of San Martín) is an island located in Argentina's Iguazu River, within the Iguazu Falls[1] in Misiones Province. The island spans the 3 levels that form the falls, but only the lower and middle levels are open to visitors. The island can only be reached in small boats, unless the river is below the minimum level. Once on the island, one must climb 190 steps through three different pathways that lead to a balcony with panoramic views.

Animal life[edit]

Isla de San Martín has a significant population of vultures.

See also[edit]

  • (Spanish) Garganta del Diablo - The Devil's Throat, an 80-metre-high (260 ft) waterfall with the largest flow of Iguazu Falls (Spanish Wikipedia)