Islam: Empire of Faith

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Islam: Empire of Faith
Islam Empire of Faith DVD cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Robert H. Gardner
Written by Jonathan Grupper
Starring Ben Kingsley (narrator)
Music by Leonard Lionnet
Cinematography Regis Becker
Edited by David Grossbach
Christopher Schultz
Distributed by PBS
Release date
  • 2000 (2000)
Language English

Islam: Empire of Faith is a documentary series, made in 2000, that details the history of Islam, from the birth of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad to the Ottoman Empire. It is narrated by Ben Kingsley and is available as three DVDs or two video volumes in NTSC format.

The first episode deals with the life of Muhammad, the second with the early Caliphates, Crusades, and Mongol invasion, and the third with the Ottoman Empire and Safavid dynasty.

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