Islam Khan V

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Mir Ahmad aka Mian Kheesa
Reign 17–18th century
Successor Barkhurdar Khan III
Full name
Barkhurdar Khan II
Born Ferozepur Jhirka
Died 1734
Father Barkhurdar Khan I, Islam Khan IV
Religion Islam

Islam Khan V (died 21 Safar 1147 AH / 1734 AD) was one of the prominent Emir and nobleman during the Mughal empire. He was entitled 'Islam Khan' and ‘Barkhurdar Khan’ by Emperor Bahadur Shah I and remained in many important posts during the successive rules of Bahadur Shah I, Jahandar Shah, Farrukhsiyar, Rafi ud Darajat, Shah Jahan II and Muhammad Shah.


Barkhurdar Khan II aka Mian Kheesa was the son of Barkhurdar Khan I and great-grandson of Islam Khan I. Barkhurdar Khan II was Mansabdar Punj Hazari (5,000) and also entitled 'Islam Khan' by Shah Alam I and had Mansab 'Darogha Dīwān-e-Khās' (Superintendent of the Diwan-i-Khas) and Khalat-e Fakhra and Khalat-e Barani. He was 'Mir Atash' (the ‘master gunner’) to Bahadur Shah I before retirement from court, but was restored to his rank of 5,000 (3,000 horse), and appointed Mir Tuzak Awwal (chief Mir Tuzak / quarter-master general).

This ‘Islam Khan’ (d. 1144 AH, 1731–2 AD) was one Mir Ahmad, first ‘Barkhurdar Khan’, then ‘Islam Khan’, son of Safi Khan (d. 1105 AH 1693–4 AD), the second son of Abdus-salam, first ‘Ikhtisas Khan’, then ‘Islam Khan’, Mashhadi, (d. 1057 AH 1647-8).[1]

This Islam Khan played a crucial role in negotiating a settlement during the crises of clash between many noblemen (clash of the nobles) with Sayyid Brothers.

Awards and honours[edit]


Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman in his book ‘Hayat Karam Husain’ quoted his date of death as 21 Safar 1147 AH / 1734 AD with reference to Tarikh-i Mohammadi[3] while other authors mentioned his death date as 1144 AH / 1731–32 AD.[1]

Family history[edit]

The family of Barkhurdar Khan belonged to Salim Chishti. Islam Khan I was his forefather. This family maintained the traditions of receiving title 'Islam Khan' from Mughal emperors.

It is interesting to note that where one of the daughters of Qazi Syed Rafi Mohammad was married to Qazi Ghulam Mustafa, another daughter Sahib Daulat was married to Barkhurdar Khan II. Because of this relation, Islam Khan V was close to Khan Zaman Khan Ali Asghar. Both achieved important posts in the court of Mughal kings.

Marriage and children[edit]

Barkhurdar II married Sahib Daulat, the daughter of Qazi Syed Rafi Mohammad and had two sons – elder son Ghulam Baqi aka Maddan was also entitled ‘Barkhurdar Khan’ (Barkhurdar III), while his younger son Ghulam Mohammad aka Saddan was killed (martyred) during the fight between the English forces and Shuja-ud-Daula in 1765. Ghulam Baqi was married to his cousin (daughter of Mah Bibi bint Qazi Syed Rafi Mohammad and Noorul Haq ibn Mian Abdur Rahman of Tijara)

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