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Islam in Vanuatu is a minority religion. Roughly 1,000 Muslims according to online estimates [1]


One of the earliest known Muslims in Vanuatu was Hussein Nabanga, who converted in 1978. Hussein Nabanga was a member of the Mele people and other Mele people (who originated from the tiny island of Imere Tenuku) were the earliest to follow. Now there are Muslims throughout many other islands in Vanuatu. Currently there is registered Islamic society looking after religious matters, Muhammad Sadiq Sambo from Mele Village is the current president of the society,The first mosque in Vanuatu was established in 1992, in Mele Village in the outskirts of Port Vila. There is also another mosque on the island of Tanna in Middle bush Area. There is a prayer place[clarification needed] on the island of Erromango near Dillons Bay. Most Vanuatuan Muslims are Sunnis but there is also an Ahmadiyya community, the Ahmadiyyas are fairly recent in the country with the first convert of Ni-Vanuatu origin converting in 2005.[2]

In 2007, it was reported that there were about 200 converts in the country and mosques are springing up in the outer islands of the archipelago.[1][3] Chiefs are often the target of proselytising Muslims, on the often correct assumption that if they convert then their extended families, clans and other islanders are likely to follow suit.[3]


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