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Islam is the most prominent religion on the island of Zanzibar. According to the CIA Factbook, more than 99% in the island are Muslim. The vast majority of Muslims in Zanzibar are Sunni of Shafi'i school of jurisprudence with minority Ibadi, Ismaili and Twelver Shia. Islam came to Zanzibar in the 8th century. There is also a presence of Ahmadi Muslims in Zanzibar...[1]

Islam in the anti-colonial movement[edit]

According to one source, "Islam in Zanzibar inspired anti-colonialism, political movements and nationalistic struggle for independence."

Notable Muslim clerics[edit]

Sh Abdullah Saleh Farsy was an internationally known poet, scholar and Muslim historian in Zanzibar.[citation needed] He is well known for his contribution to Islamic knowledge, being first to translate the Quran into the Swahili language.

Sh. Nassor Bachoo was a well known Muslim cleric in East Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Kenya, while he was a controversial figure in Zanzibar.[citation needed] Other Muslim clerics include members of the Uamsho (the Association for Islamic Mobilisation and Propagation), whose mission is to fight for the secession of Zanzibar from the Union of the United Republic of Tanzania.

The late Sh. Amir Tajir was the Chief qadi in Zanzibar.


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