Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower

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Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers
Ise building2.png
General information
Type Office
Location Islamabad, Pakistan
Completed 2009[1][2]
Roof 76 m (249 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count 19[3]

The Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers (also known as ISE Towers) are one of the highrises located at 55, Jinnah Avenue of the Blue Area business district of Islamabad. The airline Airblue has its head office on the 12th floor.[4] The head offices of the oil and gas exploration company OMV Pakistan occupies 15th though 19th floor of the building. [5]

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Coordinates: 33°42′43″N 73°03′28″E / 33.7119°N 73.0578°E / 33.7119; 73.0578