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Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) was an organization accused of raising money in the United States for Hamas.[1] It described itself as "a not-for-profit, public-awareness, educational, political, social, and civic, national grassroots organization dedicated to advancing a just, comprehensive, and eternal solution to the cause of Palestine and suffrages of the Palestinians." For a time it also used the name American Muslim Society.[2]

Founders included Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, funder and 1989 member of IAP Board of Directors.[3]

It published a magazine, Tareeq Filistine (Road to Palestine), Ila Filastin (To Palestine) and the newspapers Al-Zaytuna (The Olive) and Muslim World Monitor.[citation needed]

In December 2004, a federal judge in Chicago ruled that the IAP (along with the Holy Land Foundation) was liable for a $156 million lawsuit for aiding and abetting the terror group Hamas in the death of 17-year-old David Boim, an American citizen.[4] In December 2007 the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit overturned the judge's ruling, holding that plaintiffs failed to prove that financial contributions to Hamas played a direct role in Boim's slaying.[5] In 2008, the Seventh Circuit reheard the case en banc, and ruled in favor of the Boims.[6][7][8]

Former Islamic Association of Palestine staffers and members were founding members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).[2]


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