Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch

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Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
  • (دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد اصفهان (خوراسگان
Islamic Azad University of Isfahan logo.jpg
Seal of the Islamic Azad University
TypeIslamic Azad University
FounderDr. Ahmad Ali Foroughi Abari
ChancellorDr. Ahmad Azin
  • Dr. Mehran Hoodaji,
  • Dr. Payam Najafi,
  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Nadi,
  • Dr. Yasin Saeidi,
  • Dr. Masoud Heydari
Academic staff
Administrative staff
LocationIsfahan, Iran

The Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch is a branch of the Islamic Azad University and is located in the eastern zone of Isfahan, the cultural capital of Iran. It was established in 1987.[1] The university serves more than 19000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.[2] It has 386 full and part-time faculty members carrying out education and research in 196 fields[3][4][5] and has more than 60,000 alumni throughout country.


Andisheh Building
Andisheh Building, Administrative Center

Over two decades of activity, the university has achieved many accomplishments in the area of research, education, culture, and sport activities.[6] The faculty members of Isfahan (Khorasgan) Azad University have published over 4200 scholarly research articles (in ISI, SCOPUS, ISC journals).[7][8][9][10][11]


Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Campus

Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) with an area of about 100 hectares has various research centers and farms. The university research laboratories in different fields including basic sciences, agriculture, environment, civil engineering, electricity and biotechnology, as well as Greenhouse Educational and Research Unit, Mechatronic Center, Wastewater and Sewage Research Center, Education and Research Development Centre (ERDC), Research Center of Addiction Young Researchers Club, Technology Incubator Center, Entrepreneur and Collegiate Cooperation Unit and some other being established units such as new research sectors have provided an atmosphere for researchers.[12][13][14] The university has ten faculties and 180 majors in under/graduate programs.[15]


The Faculty was founded in 1987 and has about 2800 students and 67 faculty members. The Faculty has varied fields such as gardening, soil science, animal science, plant protection, agriculture plant breeding, food science and technology, green space and water and the environment at Bachelor level, Soil Science (Chemistry and fertility), soil science (soil genesis and classification), agriculture, plant breeding, animal science, gardening at Master level and soil science with trends in chemistry and geology with fertility and soil genesis and classification at PhD level. This collection has two educational and research farms with an area of 36 hectares and also two waste – wastewater research centers with an area of 13000 square kilometers.[16]

Basic Science[edit]

The faculty covers geology, applied mathematics and experimental science at Bachelor level, geology with trend in petrology and sedimentology, and applied mathematics at Master level.[17]


The Faculty was founded in 1994. So far more than 15% of the graduated students of this faculty have been accepted at residency courses. This faculty admits students in endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, pediatrics and dental restoration in addition to professional dental doctorate.[18][19]

Educational Science and Psychology[edit]

Faculty of Educational Science & Psychology is one of the earliest faculties of this university, that now has 3 major in B.A course(level) includes Educational Science with trend of Education Planning & Administration, and School and Preschool trend, Industrial and Organizational Psychology. M.A course (level) contains Educational management, Educational Planning, curriculum development, philosophy, General Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Cultural management, Cultural Planning, history and philosophy of education. In PhD course (level) there are 3 majors: philosophy of education, curriculum development and Educational management .[20]

Architecture and Urban Planning[edit]

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAUP) started at Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Branch, first in 1990, by establishing a continuous graduate program; namely, Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) accepting 65 high school graduates under the supervision and instruction of four full-time faculty members. In the following years, the Department of Architecture was reevaluated by Iran Ministry of Science Research and Technology and was qualified to educate students in architecture. Accordingly, FAUP has grown both quantitatively and qualitatively. Through the success of many graduates of this faculty at B.A and M.A levels in the regional and national levels, Khorasgan University Architecture is considered important among other architecture groups in Iran.[21] In addition to architecture, the Faculty of Engineering admits students in computing, electric field and civil engineering. Civil engineering specialized laboratories are equipped ones among the Country higher education institutions’. This faculty also has a mechatronics center,[22]

Technology and Engineering[edit]

faculty of technology and Civil Engineering has three departments encompassing Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Department of Electrical Engineering Department. Departments of Computer Sciences started at IAY, Isfahan Branch by establishing an undergraduate program namely, Software Engineering. At present time, there are two working groups in the Department of computer sciences: the Software Engineering and Computer Technology. ,[23]

Foreign Languages[edit]

At the present time, 1063 students and 22 faculty members are conducting scientific activities in the fields of English translation, French language (Literary) at B.A level and linguistics, French literature, English translation at M.A level and English language teaching at PhD level.[24]


The faculty currently covers fields such as law, Islamic education, accounting and Persian literature at Bachelor level and private law, criminal law and criminology, economy, state management at Master level and economic sciences at PhD level.[25]

Nursing and Midwifery[edit]

The faculty was founded in 1992 and then it commenced admitting students. It is currently admitting students at associate degree, Bachelor and Master levels in nursing and midwifery.[26]

Physical Education and Sports[edit]

The field of Physical Education and Sports was commenced by admitting students at Master level in 1993. In 1997 The faculty admitted students at Master level in the fields of sport physiology and management and sport planning. It also commenced admitting students at continuous and discontinuous Bachelor level.[27]

Laboratories and workrooms[edit]

Islamic Azad University Isfahan Branch Khorasgan has more than 80 laboratorial and workroom sectors. Research laboratories of agriculture faculty are equipped with BOD meter, COD meter, Yol meter, Nano Spectrophotometer, gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and other apparatus used for water, soil, and plant analysis. Biotechnological research laboratories are also equipped with apparatuses such as: real time PCR, electrophoreses set, nano spectrophotometer and other research facilities related to human, animals and plants genetic tests, which makes it possible for the researchers to study genetic diversities, making genetic science practical in the field of gene transfer and generation of transgenic plants and animals. Geology laboratory has advanced apparatuses such as polarizan microscopes Laboratorial complex of civil engineering department includes concrete, building materials, soil mechanic, materials resistance, fluids mechanic and hydraulic laboratories. This complex provides software and hardware facilities to the faculty members and students for educational and research purposes. Electricity laboratories include electronic, orbit measurement, control machine, and micro processor laboratories. Electronic and circuit laboratories are equipped with digital oscilloscope, functional digital generators and digital LRC meters and latest apparatuses such as control majols, temperature control, fluid surface control, pressure and motor rotation control.


The university has one main central library accompanied by 5 technical ones located in some of its faculties. All in all, there are more than 278000 volumes of reference as well as non-reference books in Persian or otherwise. Also books are available for the members through internal digital mode website.[28]

The Institute of Advanced Robotic and Intelligent Systems[edit]

Isfahan (Khorasgan) Azad University Robotic Institute initiated its official activity by making footballer robots in 2004. The first human like robot was made in 2008; afterwards, three small size robots having dynamic control specificities were designed and made. Rescue, pathfinder, two and three dimensions assimilative robots and intelligent environmental identifier and flying systems can be referred to as some of the other scientific achievements of robotic institute.[29][30][31]

Entrepreneur and Collegiate Cooperation Unit[edit]

Entrepreneur and Collegiate Cooperation unit of Isfahan (Khorasgan) Islamic Azad University started its activity as the first branch among Islamic Azad Universities and as the second university among all the other universities throughout the country with the slogan of Entrepreneur University in August 2008.[32][33]

Technology Incubator Center[edit]

Technology Incubator Center of Isfahan (Khorasgan) University has initiated its activity as the first incubator center among Islamic Azad Universities since 2005. This center within the recent years by providing resources and facilities such as central and digital library, negotiation with organizations and companies, allocation of bureau, research and educational sectors, the possibility of using specialized counselors experiences, holding courses and workshops, has been able to admit of students and graduated students in the form of technological units and companies.[34][35][36][37]

Greenhouse Educational and Research Unit[edit]

Greenhouse Educational and Research Unit of Islamic Azad University Isfahan Branch Khorasgan was established in 2004 with An area of 13500 m2 including 7 educational and productive greenhouses and 2 research ones, compatible with environmental conditions of the country.[38][39]

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