Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch

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Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch
  • دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد تهران جنوب
Established 1986
President Ahmad Shams
Academic staff
Up 3100
Students About 110000
Location  Iran Tehran
Nickname T.J

The Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch is a branch of the Islamic Azad University which was established in Tehran in 1986 (1364 H). This university is considered as one of the best branches of the Islamic Azad University. It started its activities with 700 students who mostly studied in the fields of engineering. Today2014 this branch of Islamic Azad University is considered as the most crowded university of Iran with over 110,000 students in seven different schools. It is also the third out of five of the best non-profit universities in Iran (which makes it as a high-ranking one from 1980 to 2014). It's Engineering School is famous for its faculties. [1]


School of Engineering Libraries

Faculty of Engineering[edit]

  • Department of Civil Engineering
include: Water and Hydraulic Structures (Ph.D. and Masters)
         Structures (Ph.D. and Masters)
         Earth Quake  (Ph.D.)
         Transportation (Ph.D. and Masters)
         Civil (BS)
         Survey (BS)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
include: Electrical(Ph.D. and Masters)
         Power (Masters)
         Telecommunication (Masters)
         Mechatronics (Masters)
  • Department of Computer and IT Engineering
include: Software(Masters)
         Hardware (Masters)
         IT (Masters)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
include: Energy Conversion (PhD & Masters)
         Applied Design (Masters)
         Energy Systems (PhD & Master)
  • Department of Industrial Engineering
include: Operations Research and Systems (Ph.D.)
         Planning and Management (Ph.D.)
         Automation (Ph.D.)
         Systems Management and Productivity(BS and Masters)
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
include: Thermodynamics and Kinetics (Masters)
         Environmental Engineering (Masters)
         Process Engineering (Masters)
  • Department of Mine Engineering
include: Extraction (Masters)
         Exploration (Masters)
  • Department of Materials Engineering
include: Identification and selection of engineering materials (Masters)
  • Department of Textile Engineering
include: Textile Chemistry and Fiber Science (Masters)
         Textile Technology (Masters)
  • Department of Petroleum Engineering
include: Oil drilling and mining engineering (BS)

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