Islamic Azad University of Mahshahr

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University of Mahshahr
  • دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد ماهشهر

Dāneshgāh-e Mahshahr
Azad University logo.png
University of Mahshahr(UT) coat of arms
  • ز گهواره تا گور دانش بجوی
Motto in English
Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave
Type Public
Established 1989
Location Mahshahr, Iran
Coordinates: 30°34′17.27″N 49°11′12.9″E / 30.5714639°N 49.186917°E / 30.5714639; 49.186917
Campus Urban
Colours      Red
Affiliations FUIW

About Mahshahr university[edit]

Mahshahr university is one of the largest engineering schools in the South of Islamic Republic of Iran. It was stablished in 1989. At that time, there were 10 part-time faculty members and 120 students who were selected by national IAU examination. Islamic Azad University Mahshahr Branch now has a total of 143 Full-time faculty members, approximately 200 part-time faculty members and student body about 6821 and undergraduate about 17921 (2015).

Former bosses Unit[edit]

Row Last Name Name Liability Period
1 Ghaiyoomi Example 1990 - 1991
2 Dr.Ashnagar Alamdar 1991 - 1993
3 Amiri Sayed Hassan 1993 - 1995
4 Dr.Mirza Behruz 1995 - 2000
5 Dr.Sajedi Sayed Fathallah 2000 – 2001
6 Dr.Georgian Bahman 2001 - 2005
7 Dr.Seyed Mousavi Seyed Mohsen 2006 - 2007
8 Brazndeh Abdul Rasul 2007
9 Dr.Pour Mohammadi Mohammad Hossain 2007 - 2011
10 Mohammadiyan Hossain 2011 - 2015
11 Dr.Noei Maziar 2015 -2016

The postgraduate and undergraduate programs offered by the university are as follow:

PhD Degree Programms[edit]

Row Degree Fields Of Study
1 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering-Electronics
2 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering(Field of Education)
3 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering(Field of Research)
4 Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
5 Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry

Master Degree Programms[edit]

Row Master of Science Degree Fields of Study
1 M.S. Computer Engineering-Software
2 M.S. Electrical Engineering-Power
3 M.S. Electrical Engineering-Electronics
4 M.S. Petroleum Engineering-Operation
5 M.S. Architectural Engineering
6 M.S. Mechanical Engineering-Energy Conversion
7 M.S. Polymer Chemistry
8 M.S. Geography-Urban Planning
9 M.S. Organic Chemistry
10 M.S. Analytical Chemistry
11 M.S. Polymer Engineering
12 M.S. Colour Engineering-Colour Industries
13 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Thermodynamics & Kinetics
14 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Transfer Phenomena
15 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Separation Processes
16 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Biochemistry
17 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Environment
18 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Process Engineering
19 M.S. Mathematics-Financial Mathematics
20 M.S. Industrial Management-IT & E-Business Management
21 M.S. Power Engineering-Power Systems
22 M.S. Chemical Engineering-Gas Industries
23 M.S. Mechatronic Engineering
24 M.S. Petroleum Engineering- Hydrocarboric Tanks
25 M.S. Industrial Engineering- Industrial Engineering
26 M.S. Energy Systems Engineering-Energy Systems


Row Bachelor of Art/Science Degree Fields of Study
1 Continuous B.S. Electrical Engineering
2 Continuous B.S. Chemical Engineering
3 Continuous B.S. Polymer Engineering-Polymer Industries
4 Continuous B.S. Polymer Engineering- Colour Science Technologies
5 Continuous B.S. Petroleum Engineering- Production Engineering
6 Continuous B.S. Industrial Engineering
7 Continuous B.S. Mechanical Engineering
8 Continuous B.S. Computer Engineering-Hardware
9 Continuous B.S. Computer Engineering-Software
10 Continuous B.S. IT Engineering
11 Continuous B.S. Architectural Engineering
12 Continuous B.S. Pure Chemistry
13 Continuous B.S. Geography and Urban Planning
14 Continuous B.S. Geography and Rural Planning
15 Continuous B.S. Accounting
16 Continuous B.S. Civil Engineering
17 Continuous B.S. Electricity Technology Engineering-Power
18 Continuous B.S. Accounting Applied Science
19 Continuous B.S. Electronic Technology Engineering
20 Continuous B.S. Chemical Industry Technology Engineering
21 Continuous B.S. Manufacturing Technology Engineering- Tool Machine
22 Continuous B.S. Computer Software Technology Engineering
23 Continuous B.S. Architecture Applied- Science
24 Continuous B.S. Graphics Applied-Science


Row Associate of Art/Science Degree Fields of Study
1 Discontinuous A.A. Accounting
2 Discontinuous A.A. Chemical Technician-Petrochemical Operations
3 Discontinuous A.A. Chemical Technician -Purification
4 Discontinuous A.A. Mechanical Technician-tool Machine
5 Discontinuous A.A. Electrical Technician - Telecommunications
6 Discontinuous A.A. Electrical Technician - Electronics
7 Discontinuous A.A. Chemical Industry Technical Teacher
8 Discontinuous A.A. Computer Software Applied-Science
9 Discontinuous A.A. Computer Hardware Applied-Science
10 Discontinuous A.A. Instrumentation and Electronic Applied-Science
11 Discontinuous A.A. Accounting Applied-Science
12 Discontinuous A.A. Architecture Planning
13 Discontinuous A.A. Auto-Mechanics
14 Discontinuous A.A. Graphics

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