Islamic Azad University of Mashhad

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Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch
  • دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد مشهد

Dāneshgāh-e Āzād-e Eslāmi Vāhed-e Mashhad
Type private(Islamic Azad University System)
Established 1982
President A. Helmi, Ph.D.
Academic staff
Students 30,000
Location Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran

The Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch (IAUM), also known as Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, is a private university in Mashhad, Iran. This university is a branch of the Islamic Azad University. It was established in 1982, and offers Bachelor, Masters, PhD and M.D. degrees. It is famous for the quality and rigor of its undergraduate education and the success of its students in many national competitions and exams.[citation needed]

About IAUM[edit]

The Islamic Azad University-Mashhad Branch (IAUM) is one of the main and earliest branches of the Islamic Azad University (IAU). IAU is a chain university with a total of over 350 branches around Iran, and five branches overseas. The IAUM was established in December 1982, in response to a high demand for higher education following the Islamic Revolution. The institution receives no financial aid from the government. It is entirely self-financed by student fees and is run by a board of trustees. Each one of the Islamic Azad University's branches is a comprehensive university in its own right with many faculties, and offers various degrees up to PhD level. This branch became one of the Comprehensive units in July 2000 and in the second general assembly of the International Association of University, and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, April 2001 Koualalampur, Malaysia, became one of its active members.

The IAUM has over 547 academic staff and about 25,936 students. 124 subjects are taught in six major programs (medical science, science, humanities, engineering, agriculture, art and architecture) at four different levels (undergraduate, graduate, Masters and PhD). More than 60,000 students have graduated from IAUM. It is run by more than 1756 administrative staff, most of whom have graduate and postgraduate degrees.[1]


  • Medicine Faculty
  • Basic sciences faculty
  • College of Basic Sciences
  • College of Law, Political sciences & Foreign Languages
  • College of Humanities & Management
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Architecture & Art (architecture, Urban Planning, industrial design)
  • School of Sport Sciences

Medicine Faculty[edit]

  • Educational space: 6000 square meter138
  • 8 classrooms with audiovisual facilities
  • Amphitheater
  • Educational laboratories
  • Computer and IT center
  • Pratic, Moullage and Anatomy hall

Active laboratories of the faculties

The Office of Medical Affairs has always tried to provide the appropriate facilities and equipments,especially for faculty's laboratories.

There are 7 active and well equipped laboratories in the faculty:Histology, Pathology, Parasitology and Mycology, Microbiology, Physiology and Biochemistry.

Facilities of Basic sciences faculty[edit]

The faculty educational Space

Since the beginning, the faculty's educational and official space has been located in Mashhad, Rahnamaee street, and two other buildings has been used in Rahnamaee and Sanabad street .Now the sciences faculty with 6420 square meters built area in 4 buildings accepts students.

Major part of the space is occupied with classrooms, audio classes or educational workshops. The faculty has 32 classrooms now.[1]

The faculty library

Library of the basic sciences faculty with 444 square meters space is located in south corner of the faculty and includes book storehouse, awarding part, reference part, issues parts, technical part and male and female studying halls.

The references organization system is based on LC classification which is managed on the base of the university libraries technical services. Now, all of the faculty members, the sciences faculty students and personnel are the permanent members of the library. According to topics of IAUM libraries, every student has been able to use every library of the university, that is very good for students in accessing to update references and research. Therefore, permanent and variant members of the library are more than 21000 persons.

Laboratorial equipmentsoloom

  • Gas chromatography equipment with two revelator FID,ECD
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence spectrophotometer
  • Polarograph
  • Electrophoresis revelation tank
  • Laser bits measurement machine
  • Vacuum pendulum
  • Visible spectrophotometer, ultra violet spectrophotometer
  • Spectrofluoremeter
  • Spectropolarimeter
  • Gaseous chromatography,Hplc
  • Atomic absorption .graphic furnace.
  • High performance liquid chromatographyHPLC

Kharazmi research Center

This center, with the goal of research activities harmonization in orientations of the center interdisciplinary, was recommended in 2007 and the implementation is in progress. The research laboratories complex of the center includes: nanotechnology research, chemistry, biochemistry physic, geology, physic, mathematic and statistic laboratories. Up to now, remarkable laboratorial and research equipment has been provided in the nanotechnology, chemistry and

biochemistry physic areas, geology, physic, mathematic and statistic laboratories. Up to now, remarkable laboratorial and research equipment has been provided in the nanotechnology, chemistry and...[1]

Facilities of Engineering Faculty[edit]


  • The separated libraries are located in the every buildings of the faculty 3 studying halls in the main building and 2 in the building NO.2
  • Having 23500 volumes of Persian book,8500 volumes of Latin book,50 titles Persian journal,30 titles Latin journal and 710 Persian theses
  • Open and close bookcase and classification is on the basis of congress classification
  • Equipped with security systems including gate of bar code
  • recognition and closed-circuit cameras

Membership in the magazines and electronic data base

In order for the students to access to the newest and the most update essays and information of the world, the faculty has managed to get the membership of some magazines and electronic data base so that the students can connect to these sites through the internet and search and receive the essays freely.[1]

Modern assisting educational equipments

Now, about 30 percent of the existing classrooms in the faculty are equipped with the latest technology of assisting educational equipments which include one computer system with the prefellow equipments and appropriate characteristics and facilities, one data projector system, one visualizer system, one video double system and one set of audio-visual desk(includes KVM switch transformer, splitter switch and ...).

By paying attention to ever increasing development of the sciences and the need to use available information in the internet for the most courses, the faculty follows the goal of equipping more classrooms with audio visual equipment gradually

Amphitheater and Auditorium

The faculty has two spaces which are completely equipped with audio visual equipment with about 400 square meters area and also with totally 350 persons capacity for holding different ceremonies and conferences. These halls most used, in different ways, for performing theses defense and students projects, holding miscellaneous classes and educational workshops and also in order to hold gathering and conferences.

Mechanized system

The students of Technical and Engineering faculty conduct all their affairs related to educational and financial and other student issue areas such as course selection, omission and addition, education engagement deposition and grades receiving and report card through the internet. Performing financial affairs and food reservation is done through the internet and in mechanized manner. In this regard, in the course selection time and also in omission and addition time, the place is being used by the students freely.

he equipped computer hall

In the Technical and Engineering Faculty, different welfare facilities have been provided for the students' utilization among these facilities, one can mention equipped hall of computer for every students' use. The hall is located in 170 square meters area and in the ground floor of the Engineering Faculty. The space of the hall is designed in a such manner that the place and the equipment can be used best and at least 60 systems are used.self1

The place, in addition to speedy internet service related to the university ISP, is used for the students who have project course. From vantages of the university ISP, in addition to high speed, is the possibility of digital library use.[1]

Cafeteria and self-service

Among other welfare facilities in the Technical and Engineering Faculty are cafeteria and self-service halls for use of all students. In the north side of the faculty, an appropriate space in three floors, in an area more than 3000 square meters, is allocated as the faculty cafeteria and self-service. The place has an equipped cookery that serves hot foods at noon every day (except holidays) to the university students, professors and personnel with low prices. In the cafeteria, tea,

drinks of different kinds and cold meals is accessible for the students, in the morning and in the afternoon, with low prices.

Communication services

For the students' comfort, several buses is devoted, in the student high traffic routes of the students throughout Mashhad, to transfer the students to the faculty and vice versa. The services during week (except holidays) and during the term commute almost every hour in these routes. Students' reception of these services is noticeable.

Facilities of Law, Political Sciences and Foreign Languages Faculty[edit]

There are 17 classrooms, 4 full equipped audio visual rooms.

Doctor Sheykholeslami (Department of Law), Doctor Modirshanehchi (Department of Political Science) and Doctor Mohammad Javad Kamali (Founder of the French Department) are the most famous professors of this faculty.

Amphitheater with the capacity of 230 people

Coffee net with 20 computers and printers

English laboratories with 24 cabin and instructor desk, Latin type laboratories with 20 computers and 7 typing machines

2 cafeterias for male and female students

Library of faculty

There are 26000 books in Law, Political Sciences, English and French. 18000 of them are in Persian and 8000 are in English and French. This library is also the member of 15 scientific journals. In this library there are CD bank, educational video cassettes and two studying hall for male and female students.

Facilities of Paramedical Faculty[edit]

Educational classrooms and audio-vision facilities

This faculty has 5 educational classrooms with the capacity of 85 students and the classes are equipped with assisting educational modern technology. Data projector, LCD, visualize, VCD and overhead are among the facilities available in the faculty's classrooms

The libraryparamedical1

The library of Para Medical Faculty was established in 2003 in a limited space with about 60 volumes of book n the location of the faculty. Now, sum of the references include about 5270 Persian and Latin books which are classified with congress library method and also has 240 Persian and Latin magazines. The present area of the faculty's library is 110 square meters, includes store and male and female studying halls. This library is equipped with computer and internet systems and is connected to through network of the university and digital library.

Computer workshop

The faculty has two computer workshops separately for females and males, the workshops have necessary equipment such as computer and printer, they present services in different hours of the day. Beside during the term, students can use them at of course selection and omission and addition time. Also in order to perform research activities and access the internet sites and digital library, all of the available systems have the possibility of being connected to the internet and are usable for research activities of the students and professors.

Dynamic site

In the faculty site with the address of, the latest news and information about the educational departments of the faculty are accessible by the students and professors and become update regularly.

In the main page of the site, information of the educational departments, faculty member, regulations, conferences and gatherings, educational calendar, introduction of the faculty, facilities and officials of Para Medical Faculty are in access of public.

Specialized piratic workshopparamedical4

This workshop has been established for the students of Anesthesia and Operating-Room to perform caring techniques on simulation manakins and to achieve clinical skills. Theworkshop is equipped with modern digital manakins,instruments and equipmentof operating-room, instruments and equipment of hospital sections and is anappropriate place for students to gain necessary related skills before direct contact with patient.

This workshop includes three sections of Operating Theater, Nursing care and skill lab in which, regarding to topics of students' practical courses, students become familiar with specialized techniques of their field and gain related skills.

Equipment of the specialized piratic workshop

  • hearing and lung and heart manakin
  • Children and adults intubation manakin
  • Children and adults C.P.R manakin
  • Venous injection manakin in different kind of children and adults
  • ABG and pulse control manakin
  • Blood pressure manakin

Pharmacology and Moullage workshopparamedical3

The workshop has modern available moullage in order to make students of different fields familiar with body anatomy of man. In this workshop, even anatomic details such as *routes and fingers' nerves also, in the frame of *, are inaccess of the students. This

workshop is establish in order to teach Anatomy courses of I and II. So, beside using for practical course, it is usable in teaching theory anatomy course for students to learn the body structure better by using simulated moullage of man body.

The pharmacology workshop has been established in order to make students familiar with different fields of medicines. In this workshop more than 100 items of medicines, available in Iran's bazaar, are provided.[1]

Hygiene workshop

This workshop has been established for students of School Hygienic to gain skills in performing hygienic and therapeutic cares of elementary school and it is equipped with all facilities needed in an hygienic.

and therapeutic center Among the courses presented in this workshop, ispractical innunization making the students gain necessary skills in this course with available advanced manakins of children and adults injection.

Also in these shops, there are nstruments and facilities related to children growth caring and pregnancy period cares and under- six -year children care.

IAUMg, Student Association of IAUM[edit]

Student Association of IAUM (Islamic Azad University of Mashhad) which called "IAUMg", Dependent on KAVA Academic Center, has begun its activity since summer 2009. IAUMg has been approved by IAUM Public relations ( and Cultural Deputy of University (License Number: 31395/d).[2]


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