Islamic Coalition Party

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حزب مؤتلفه اسلامی
Islamic Coalition Party
Secretary-General Mohammad Nabi Habibi[1]
Spokesperson Asadollah Badamchian[2]
Deputy Secretary-General Mohammad Ali Emami[3]
Head of the Central Council Mostafa Mir-Salim[4]
Founder Habibollah Asgaroladi
Founded August 2, 1963 (1963-08-02)
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Ideology Islamism[citation needed]
Conservatism[citation needed]
International affiliation None
Colors      Green

The Islamic Coalition Party (Persian: حزب مؤتلفه اسلامی‎‎) is a conservative Islamist[citation needed] political party in Iran. It was founded in 1963 at the suggestion of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as a "political and military wing of the bazaar", based on the Shi'a religious structure and is said to have "played a vital role in the success" of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.[5] It was founded by three groups "who were in touch with Khomeini and the people." Khomeini appealed to them saying: "`You are working for the sake of God, why don’t you join hands?`"[6] Following the revolution it is said to have dominated "the influential" Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (ICCIM) until recently.[7]

Before the 1979 Revolution[edit]

The party was formed with the names of Islamic Motalefeh Hyathay population, Motalefeh Hyathay Islamic Party, and Islamic Motalefehon the Persian date of 15 Khordad, 1342. Motalefeh Islamic principles of the struggle against political oppression were central to the formation of the party. The Imam Khomeini and the exiled branch of the military began the revolution with the assassination of Hasan Ali Mansur (Prime Minister of the Shah), the most important armed activity in their record. After the initial arrest of the party leaders, Bahonar Rajaee took over the Motalefeh and continued to work on cultural, economic, and political campaigns to welcome the Imam.

After the 1979 Revolution[edit]

The organization was part of the Islamic Revolution, and some of its members founded the Council of Islamic Revolution. With the formation of the Islamic Republic Party, the organization merged with the Islamic Republic Party. In January of Persian year 1382, the party was renamed the Motalefeh Islamic Party at its seventh general assembly.

Important figures of the Motalefeh party include: Mohammad Beheshti and Morteza Motahhari (representatives Imam), Mohammad-Ali Rajai, Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, Iraqi Mahdi, Haj Mehdi Bahadur Vlajvrdy, Andrzgo, Tit, Amani, Sfarhrndy, Islami, and Ahmad Shahab. Among the existing political figures are Sgravlady Habib, Asad Allah Badamchyan, Mohammad Nabi Habibi, Tavakoli Bina, K. Anbarlvyy, Hossein Anvari, Fatemeh Rahbar and H. Saburi.

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