Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College

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Coordinates: 22°16′0″N 114°14′24″E / 22.26667°N 114.24000°E / 22.26667; 114.24000

Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College
Traditional Chinese 伊斯蘭脫維善紀念中學
Simplified Chinese 伊斯兰脱维善纪念中学
Islamic English College
Traditional Chinese 伊斯蘭英文中學
Simplified Chinese 伊斯兰英文中学
Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College

The Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College (IKTMC) is a secondary school in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. It was formerly known as the Islamic English College. It is named for Kasim Tuet, a Hui Muslim who played a major role in the development of Chinese Muslim education in the city. Unlike most mainstream schools in Hong Kong, IKTMC is revered for its multicultural student composition which includes students from Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, Yemen and so forth. Some students have entered into prestigious universities in Hong Kong including the University of Hong Kong, the University of Science and Technology as well as the City University of Hong Kong and others.

The school's vice-principal is Abu Bakar Ma Wing Cheung.[1]


The college is accessible within walking distance North East from Chai Wan Station of the MTR.

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