Islamic Museum of Tripoli

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Islamic Museum of Tripoli
EstablishedScheduled to open September 2011
LocationTripoli, Libya
TypeIslamic-culture museum (in Arabic)

The Islamic Museum of Tripoli is a proposed museum of Islamic culture that was built under the support and patronage of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in Tripoli, Libya.[1]


The museum's building-reuse project stands in the al Sur area, in Shari' Sidi Khaliffa, Tripoli.

2011 Libyan civil war[edit]

In May 2011 it was reported that construction on – and acquisitions for – had been halted; the museum was scheduled to open in September 2011 to celebrate the anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi's rise to power. It was due to be housed in a summer palace built for the Ottoman Yusuf Pasha in the 18th century.[2]

The results of the Battle of Tripoli in August 2011, with the later arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, may alter the museum's opening date and festivities.[2] Hafed Walda, Cultural Counsellor of the regime, confirmed that the project was on hold and that the future of the collection was not ensured.[3] Meanwhile, no attempts of looting the collection were reported, though the seeming patron-less future of the collection was uncertain.[2]

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