Islamic Renaissance Movement

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For the moderately Islamist Tunisian political party, see Ennahda Movement.
Islamic Renaissance Movement
Founded 1992; 23 years ago (1992)
Headquarters Algiers, Algiers Province, Algeria
Ideology Moderate Islamism
National affiliation Green Algeria Alliance
Politics of Algeria
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The Islamic Renaissance Movement (Arabic: حركة النهضة الاسلاميةḤarakat An-Nahḑa Al-Islāmiyya ; French: Mouvement de la Renaissance Islamique) is a moderate Islamist political party of Algeria.

In the 2002 elections it received 0.6 percent of the vote and has one member of parliament. In the 17 May 2007 People's National Assembly elections, the party won 3.39% of the vote and 5 out of 389 seats.[1]