Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkoman

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Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkoman
الاتحاد الإسلامي التركماني العراقي
Secretary-General Abbas al-Bayati
Deputy Secretary General Jasim Mohammed Jaafar
Founded 1991
Ideology Iraqi Turkmen interests
National affiliation State of Law Coalition
Seats in the Council of Representatives of Iraq:
0 / 325
Seats in the local governorate councils:
0 / 440

The Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkoman (or Turkoman Islamic Union) is a political party in Iraq led by Abbas al-Bayati. It was formed in 1991[1] and participated in discussions with other exile groups before the invasion of Iraq. It is mostly made up of Shiite Iraqi Turkmen. The Union has a sectarian ideology and puts the interest of their ethnic minority above national unity.

In the elections in January 2005 and December 2005 it joined with other Shiite parties in the United Iraqi Alliance.

The deputy leader of the party is Jasim Mohammed Jaafar, who was the Minister of Housing and Construction in the 2005 Iraqi Transitional Government and Minister of Youth and Sports in the 2006 government of Nouri al-Maliki.


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