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Type of business Subsidiary of AQNTech
Type of site
video sharing
Available in multilingual
Founded December 19, 2006
Headquarters UAE, Satwa, Dubai
Owner AQNTech
Slogan(s) Broadcasting Islamic Videos
list of domain names
Launched January 02, 2007
Current status Active is a website, which specializes in Islam-themed videos. Users can upload video via a request form. was founded in December, 2006, by Murad Ibn Murad from Bangladesh currently living in Dubai. aims to offer a new route by which to share Islamic and relevant material to Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world. For all creeds and colours, perspectives and opinions to come to to inquire and learn about Islam in its truthfulness. By offering this service hope to make clear many of the misconceptions about Islam which has become widespread amongst both the Muslims and Non-Muslims.

"It's nice to have various religious sites so that people can go and learn about God, understand the differences in religion, and appreciate one another's belief." IslamicTube Spokesman Abu Ayman BBC Radio Ulster Sunday 15 June 2008


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