Island Dreams

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Island Dreams
Studio album by Lost Dogs
Released 2005
Recorded Neverland Studios
(Nashville, Tennessee)
Genre Roots music
Label Fools of the World
Producer Terry Scott Taylor
Derri Daugherty
Mike Roe
Steve Hindalong
Lost Dogs chronology
Island Dreams
The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees
(2006)The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees2006

Island Dreams is an instrumental album by Roots music band Lost Dogs, released on Fools of the World records in 2005.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Escape to Paradise" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  2. "Wikki Tikki" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  3. "Sailing the Cove" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  4. "Lovers Lanai" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  5. "Veranda by the Bay" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  6. "Rainforest Romance" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  7. "Sailing the Cove" (Reprise) (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  8. "Sleepy Blue Lagoon" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  9. "Kissed in the Mist" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  10. "Carnivale" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
  11. "Under the Wave" (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)


Additional musicians[edit]

Production notes[edit]