Island of Blood (1982 film)

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Island of Blood
Directed by William T. Naud
Produced by Jimmy Williams/Thomas E. Spalding/Sally Roddy
Written by William T. Naud(as Bill Naud)
Starring Marie-Alise Recasner,
Rick Dean,
Ron Gardner,
Terence Goodman,
Richard Helm,
Jeanine Marie,
Jared McVay,
Gary Phillips,
Jim Piper,
Michael Stroka,
Bari Suber,
Steven Tash,
Jimmy Williams
Music by Joel Goldsmith
Cinematography Thomas E. Spalding (as Tom Spalding)
Edited by Hari Ryatt
Distributed by Creative Film Makers/SRN/Action International Pictures (A.I.P.)/Applause Video
Release date
Running time
82 min
Country United States
Language English

Island of Blood (also known as Whodunit? and Scared Alive: Island of Blood) is a 1982 mystery horror film based (or borrowed) around And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

The film centered on film crew who become stranded on an island with a crazed crewmember who wants to make his own real life "death movies" or Exploitation films.


A film crew and a motley collection of thespians set out for an island that will be the perfect location for their next feel good, light hearted, comedy picture. But unfortunately someone has other ideas and destroys their mode of transport before finishing off the surviving cast and crew (wearing a skull-like mask) with the aid of a chainsaw, machete, and nail gun.

The murders are performed according to a sick sado-masochistic type of song, which this homicidal psycho has a fetish for). This psychotic murderer also has an accomplice, a fellow crewman who is skilled in the art of booby traps, rigging a shower to rain battery acid and scalding swimming pool that boils alive anyone who falls in.



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