Island of Love (1963 film)

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Island of Love
Island of Love poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMorton DaCosta
Produced byMorton DaCosta
Screenplay byDavid R. Schwartz
Story byLeo Katcher
StarringRobert Preston
Tony Randall
Giorgia Moll
Walter Matthau
Betty Bruce
Vassili Lambrinos
Music byGeorge Duning
CinematographyHarry Stradling Sr.
Edited byWilliam H. Ziegler
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
  • June 12, 1963 (1963-06-12)
Running time
101 minutes
CountryUnited States

Island of Love is a 1963 American comedy film directed by Morton DaCosta and written by David R. Schwartz. The film stars Robert Preston, Tony Randall, Giorgia Moll, Walter Matthau, Betty Bruce and Vassili Lambrinos. The film was released by Warner Bros. on June 12, 1963.[1][2]


Steve Blair, always on the lookout for a new money-making scheme, spots a stripper of his acquaintance, Cha Cha Miller, at a Greek restaurant in New York, then overhears her gangster boyfriend Tony Dallas say how somebody should make a wholesome movie about Adam and Eve.

Steve quickly enlists his best friend Paul Ferris to write the script, and together they talk Tony into putting up the $2 million needed to make the film. Tony, backed up by four identically dressed thugs, insists on one condition: Cha Cha has to be cast as Eve.

The film is a disaster. Cha Cha can't act, and no one goes to see it. Tony feels hoodwinked and wants his money back, so Steve and Paul flee to Greece aboard a ship. Once there, another crackpot scam occurs to Steve, turning a small island village known for nothing in particular into an "island of love." He goes to elaborate lengths to fool tourists and natives into believing the island has a rich, romantic history.

Steve falls for a young woman, Elena, he hadn't seen since she was a girl. It turns out she is Tony Dallas's niece, so Steve's in even more hot water when Tony arrives on the island. But as soon as Steve agrees to marry Elena, he is safe from harm from Tony, now about to be a relative.


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