List of islands of the Great Lakes

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Islands in northern Lake Michigan and eastern Lake Superior on June 17, 2022; taken from the International Space Station. North is oriented towards the upper left. The Beaver Islands are at the top center, with the Manitou Islands at the top right and the Fox Islands between them. At the top right corner are islands inside of Grand Traverse Bay. The Potawatomi Islands are below the Beaver and Manitou Islands, and the Strawberry Islands and Chambers Island are inside of Green Bay in the lower right corner. Caribou Island in Lake Superior is near the left side border.

The Great Lakes islands consist of about 35,000 islands (scattered throughout Great Lakes), created by uneven glacial activity in the Great Lakes Basin in Canada (Ontario) and the United States. The largest of these is Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron in the province of Ontario. At 1,068 square miles (2,766 km²), it is the largest lake island in the world.

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