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Islay Herald
Badge of the Islay Herald.svg
The heraldic badge of Islay Herald of Arms
Heraldic traditionGallo-British
Governing bodyCourt of the Lord Lyon

Islay Herald of Arms is a Scottish herald of arms of the Court of the Lord Lyon.[1]

The office was first mentioned in 1493. Islay is an island off the west coast of Scotland and was the headquarters of the Lord of the Isles. When the influence of that powerful noble was broken by the King of Scots during the fifteenth century, several names associated with the Lord of the Isles were absorbed and used by the crown.[2]

The badge of office is Two salmon hauriant embowed Proper encircling a lymphad sails furled oars in action two armed men on deck sinister Sable by a flag Gules ensigned of the Crown of Scotland Proper.[3]

The office is currently held by Yvonne Holton.

Holders of the office[edit]

Arms Name Date of appointment Ref[4]
Arms of Henry Thomson of Keillour.svg Henry Thomson of Keillour 1496
... Hay 1531
Peter Thomson 1531
Gilbert Lindsay of Trakwan 1534
Peter Morrison 1552
James Purdie of Kinaldies 1572
Patirck Bannatyne 1588
John Blinsele 1596
Arms of Thomas Drysdale.svg Thomas Drysdale 1617
James Currie 1636
John Cullen 1661
Arms of John Balsillie.svg John Balsillie 1667
William Govan 1676
James Still 1701
Arms of Alexander Martin.svg Alexander Martin 1725
Valentine White 1757
William Robertson 1776
Robert Grant 1795
John Cook 1811
William Goodall Bayley 1852
Henry Wilson 1864
Vacant 1884–1981
Arms of Don Pottinger.svg John Inglis Drever "Don" Pottinger 1981–1986 [5]
Vacant 1986–2008
Arms of Campbell of Airds.svg Alastair Campbell of Airds 2008–2014 (in Extraordinary) [6]
Arms of William David Hamilton Sellar.svg William David Hamilton Sellar 2014–2019 (in Extraordinary)
Vacant 2019–2021
Arms of Yvonne Holton.svg Yvonne Holton 2021–Present [7][8]

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