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Wave energy power generator - - 1419261.jpg
The LIMPET installation
Islay LIMPET is located in Scotland
Location of Islay LIMPET
Location Islay, Scotland
Coordinates 55°41′25.56″N 6°31′20.12″W / 55.6904333°N 6.5222556°W / 55.6904333; -6.5222556Coordinates: 55°41′25.56″N 6°31′20.12″W / 55.6904333°N 6.5222556°W / 55.6904333; -6.5222556
Status Operational
Commission date 2000 (2000)
Wave power facility
Type Oscillating Water Column
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 0.25 MW[1]

Islay LIMPET is the world's first commercial wave power device connected to the United Kingdom's National Grid.

Following the construction of a 75 kW prototype in 1991, a 500 kW unit was built in 2000, and is located at Claddach Farm on the Rhinns of Islay[2] on the Scottish island of Islay. The capacity was later downgraded to 250 kW.[1][3] Islay LIMPET (Land Installed Marine Power Energy Transmitter) was developed by Wavegen in cooperation with Queen's University Belfast.


Close up view of the seaward face of LIMPET

Islay LIMPET is a shoreline device uses an Oscillating Water Column to drive air in and out of a pressure chamber through a Wells turbine.[1][4][5] The chamber of the LIMPET is an inclined concrete tube with its opening below the water level. As external wave action causes the water level in the chamber to oscillate, the variation in water level alternately compresses and decompresses the trapped air above, causing air to flow backwards and forwards through a pair of contra-rotating turbines. A report covering the long term running of the turbine was produced in 2002.[6]

Further development based on the Technology[edit]

Based on this design, a 16 turbine plant was built in the Bay of Biscay in Spain, the Mutriku Breakwater Wave Plant, which was fully operational and handed over to the company in 2011.[7]


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