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The abandoned settlement on L'Île-aux-Marins.

L'Île-aux-Marins (literally "The Island of the Sailors"; before 1931 called Île-aux-Chiens, literally "Island of the Dogs") is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located off the coast of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and was a commune of it until 1945, when it was annexed by the commune of Saint-Pierre. It is 1,500 metres (0.93 mi) long and its width varies between 100 to 400 metres (330–1,310 ft). The highest point, Cape Beaudry, is only 35 metres (115 ft) above mean sea level.

It was settled in 1604 and once had a population approaching 700.[1] Uninhabited since 1965 (except some people who live there from May to November), when the last families left for Saint Pierre Island. It is also a ghost town and has a number of unique buildings such as the Church, the Jézéquel house, the cemetery, a number of fisherman's homes, and the Archipélitude Museum located in the town's only school. The bow section of the hull; the only remaining portion of the shipwrecked Transpacific, is on the northern side of the island and is accessible for photography.

Coordinates: 46°47′10″N 56°08′55″W / 46.78611°N 56.14861°W / 46.78611; -56.14861


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