Isle of Intrigue

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Isle of Intrigue
Directed by A. R. Harwood
Produced by A. R. Harwood
Written by A. R. Harwood
Cinematography Leslie McCallum
Ed Wintle
A. R. Harwood Talkie Productions
Release date
26 September 1931
Running time
50 mins
Country Australia
Language English

Isle of Intrigue is a 1931 Australian film directed by A. R. Harwood. It was one of the first Australian talking movies.[1]


The pearling schooners of a trading firm are being robbed by a mysterious pirate. The son of the owner of the firm (James Alexander) goes to the South Pacific island of Avita to investigate and uncover the pirate's identity, vindicating a man who has been unjustly accused. He also has a romance.[2]


  • James Alexander
  • Helene Best
  • John Cairns
  • Darcy Kelway
  • Norman Shepherd
  • Dorothy Stanward


The film was filmed and released simultaneously with Spur of the Moment (1931), using many of the same cast and crew.[3] [4]


Reviews were generally positive.[5][6]


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