Isle of the Dead (Tasmania)

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Isle of the Dead
Isle of the Dead
Coordinates43°08′57″S 147°52′03″E / 43.14917°S 147.86750°E / -43.14917; 147.86750Coordinates: 43°08′57″S 147°52′03″E / 43.14917°S 147.86750°E / -43.14917; 147.86750
No. of graves180
No. of interments1646
WebsitePort Arthur Historic Site
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Isle of the Dead is a cemetery adjacent to Port Arthur, Tasmania.

The Island of the Dead was the destination for all who died inside the prison camps. Of the 1646 graves recorded to exist there, only 180, those of prison staff and military personnel, are marked.[1][2][3]

Gravestones on the Isle of the Dead .


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