Islington Works railway station

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Islington Works
Location Regency Park, Kilburn
Line(s) Gawler Central Line
Distance 6.6 km from Adelaide
Platforms 2 (Not in use)
Bus routes None
Parking No
Bicycle facilities No
Opened 4 August 1986
Closed 2000
Preceding station   TransAdelaide   Following station
toward Adelaide
Gawler Central line

Islington Works railway station was located on the Gawler Central railway line located in the inner northern Adelaide suburbs of Regency Park and Kilburn to serve the adjacent Islington Railway Workshops.

It is located 6.6 kilometres from Adelaide station, but is now closed. Both platforms are 50 metres in length. The station was probably closed in 2000 with all trains running express through the station.

To the west of the station lies the Australian Rail Track Corporation Adelaide-Crystal Brook line.

Coordinates: 34°52′10″S 138°34′50″E / 34.86944°S 138.58056°E / -34.86944; 138.58056