Islip Saddle

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Islip Saddle
Islip Saddle from the Mount Williamson Trail
Elevation 6,680 ft (2,036 m)
Traversed by SR 2
SR 39 (closed; at summit)
Location Los Angeles County, California
Range San Gabriel Mountains
Coordinates 34°21.40′N 117°51.06′W / 34.35667°N 117.85100°W / 34.35667; -117.85100Coordinates: 34°21.40′N 117°51.06′W / 34.35667°N 117.85100°W / 34.35667; -117.85100

Islip Saddle (/ˈslɪp/ EYE-slip) is a saddle and mountain pass in Los Angeles County, California, United States.[1] It lies just west of Mount Islip in the San Gabriel Mountains at the intersection of State Route 2 and the northern terminus of State Route 39.[2] Islip Saddle is named after Canadian George Islip. He was a San Gabriel Canyon homesteader in the 1900s. [3]


There are three trailheads at Islip Saddle. Two of the trailheads are part of the Pacific Crest Trail which crosses Route 2 at the saddle.[4][5] Islip Saddle can be reached from Mount Islip on the south side of the mountains, or by from the north side from Angeles Crest Highway or from Crystal Lake Recreation Area. Closest campground is the very popular Little Jimmy Trail Camp.[6][7]

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