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Coordinates: 14°40′31.2″N 121°1′20″E / 14.675333°N 121.02222°E / 14.675333; 121.02222

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The Ismael Mathay Sr. High School, formerly called the GSIS Village High School, is a high school situated in Quezon City, Philippines and more popularly known as the IMSHS, or simply, Mathay. The students and alumni are dubbed the "Ismaelians". The Village Bounty is the high school official publication formed in 1971 by the pioneer students.


In 1971 parents in GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City petitioned for a high school within the village so that their children would not have to travel into the city for school. Later that year the city government approved refurbishment of the second floor of the GSIS Village public market (palengke) to form an eight-room school, the GSIS Village High School. The original location was at 14°40′20″N 121°1′11″E / 14.67222°N 121.01972°E / 14.67222; 121.01972

The GSIS Village High School was originally headed by Regina I. Novales (1971-73). She was replaced by Jose V. Aguilar with a title of division supervisor-in-charge in 1974.

In 1976, the palengke and the school with it were gutted by a blaze.

While Ismael A. Mathay Jr. was Mayor of Quezon City (1992-2001), the GSIS Village High School was renamed after his late father, lawyer Ismael Mathay Sr.[1]

Ismael Mathay Sr.[edit]

Ismael Mathay Sr. was a Filipino statesman. In 1944, he was appointed by Sergio Osmeña, second President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines as Commissioner of Budget and Finance for the War Cabinet (1944-45)[2] and later as Secretary of the Budget (1945-46).[3] In the 1960s, Ismael Mathay Sr. held a position of auditor general, board director, and general manager of the National Marketing Corporation.[4] He studied law and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on 16 January 1925.[5]


Grades 7 to 12


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